Always a man looking for stability and trying to find her family, work, society and state. Any stability involves the quality of life and financial prosperity. For many years, everything was exactly like this: permanent job, fixed salary, social guarantees from the government, confidence in the future and the future of their children. In the 21 century the world has changed and is no longer the same. The changes affected all areas have become the norm, with be reckoned with.

In the new, ever-changing economic reality, even the most professional staff member is not confidence in the future. Is a permanent destruction of the traditional labor economics, where worker sells the company of their time and expertise in exchange for money and guarantees. In the new economic conditions, a constant stable operation becomes a myth. In all countries without exception. Over the past few years to reduce jobs announced General Electric, Coca-Cola, Motorola, Procter & Gamble, Xerox, Philips, Bank America, Deutche Bank-and this is only the largest companies, and the list is endless. In Russia, according to official statistics in 2002.

only the number of registered unemployed increased by up to 1,3 million people. Annually lose their jobs over 1 million people. Experts believe that this practice will lead to reductions in employment working just for a while. Most importantly, understand that the absence of guarantees of stability, is not the case characteristic times of crisis and recession, and a stable economic trend. Mergers, acquisitions, unification of companies, new technologies, process automation – is all the time. Business becomes more independent of the permanent human presence. Get a good education, find a good job with guaranteed pay and rely on the care of the state – this idea is completely outdated. What happens next? As provide a decent quality life for themselves and their loved ones? Financiers say 'Now is the time to run their own business. " Work – you get paid for what drives someone else's business. And in the new economy – you get the money for that run your own business. Now on the market many different proposals. There is a business with large investments and their conditions. Medium Business, Small Business, and many simply lohotronskih proposals. It is important understand the proposal itself: What is offered, under what conditions, what are the prospects (and whether they have any), for which he paid, etc. It is often difficult to do this myself, so it is best to consult on these issues with experts and those who are not the first time engaged in some activities. Tip: To not stay outside of life, and enter into cash flow, to better understand the possibilities of the modern market, and choose for themselves the kind of business that will lead you to fulfill your desires.

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Find the maximum information about other Members accident – name, license plate number, place of residence, place of employment, marital status (by the way, a good way to explore), phone number, insurance company, medical institution, where victims were taken away (I hope you do not need this) 10. Set – what rights the driver in the car, the right of control or ownership of 11. Listen to your state of health, if the other parties or witnesses Accident was taken to hospital, then maybe you should go there? Maybe you are not able to adequately assess his physical condition? can you feel bad? “- and you can not give the police employee currently explanation. 12. When the traffic incident is best to enlist the support of friends who will immediately go to the place of accident, and if you need to go to the hospital, they watch how the traffic police are examined, as is recorded. 13. Advances in modern technology – will you helpers and in this situation – do not forget to arrange a casting “Who is guilty?” Among the participants an accident, with the photo – and video footage. 14.

Look at the site is documents, money bags (you never know what might happen in the confusion), whether the car is not quite kitchen knives and other prohibited items (you never know where to go with the car accident scene) 15. Sound an alarm if a participant in serious accident injury or death – it is not a joke, but a professional matter, urgently looking for a specialist, right this very second, when they realized the possibility of professional prosecution. 16. Be kept, do not react aggressively at anyone – can tomorrow, for you must be a truce, and articles about incontinence in the domestic legislation is not enough, do not use physical force to persons who show aggression towards you. 17. If your car is caught or Cossack was scratched, and my grandfather behind the wheel, be merciful to old age and poverty, most likely a lawsuit in this situation, you either material or moral satisfaction will not do. Do not waste nervous system over trifles. And I, in turn, wish you were surrounded by only a pleasant event. Be cautious and careful on the roads! And we will try to warn you from missteps and help make the right steps to a successful and comfortable life.