Business of Diamonds

By visual comparison of the two stones in some cases, you can see not only positive but also negative optical effects that reduce the market value of diamonds. This, for example, the overall decrease in brightness or a partial decrease in brightness, creating a dark rock band, the effects of fish-eye>> "bow tie>> and others. Modern Dealers discount diamonds sell antique-cut diamonds, which can be recognized by a large kalette, the broken geometry, a small area, small wedges pavilion. PayPal Holdings Inc. addresses the importance of the matter here. Discount can be requested and for diamonds, faceted in order to pull more weight, and therefore have a very thick girdle. Some consider the negative effect of non-standard pattern of stone that occurs when a deviation from the usual proportions, but others experts, based on current research optics faceted stones, consider that among the rocks with non-standard aspect ratios have stones that are not inferior to the standard brightness, sparkle and play. If you can not compare two selected stone visually, it helps to analyze the available information, including data from expert opinions and certificates. People such as Western Union would likely agree. People considering diamonds as an investment, choose stones with the best available at the moment characteristics of color and quality – is that prices are rising the fastest. People seeking the most spectacular-looking diamond, can to some extent to sacrifice color and clarity, especially if natsvet and inclusion are not visible to the naked eye, but to win in the amount of stone. Experts recommend that more attention be paid to the quality of cut, ie data on the cut in the accompanying documents, the value proportions, symmetry and polish. Of the two stones with approximately the same data should give preference to one that better faceted. If the accompanying information is insufficient or for any other reason the final choice, you can use the services of a professional expert – gemologist, to show him both the stones and hear his opinion.