Cargo Conversion Micro Inspector

1. After buying the cargo van, put it on record. Inspection pass is not necessary – we pass him in the end, after the conversion 2. Next, contact the Division for technical supervision over changes to the design vehicle (technical department) at the place of registration. This department can be found in provincial or district offices traffic police (should consider visiting days). In some offices, the traffic police statement issued only for cst stations. Obtain the inspector application form and receipt for payment of state. duties.

Fill in and submit an application to amend the vehicle structure. On the reverse side of the application the inspector should make a mark with signature and stamp. In some cities, the Russian car inspection is not required. In Moscow, demand – an inspector checks the vin to see what the car had not yet converted. You can send your car to work immediately after of registration or together with a copy of this statement. 3.

Further, a copy of this statement (with a mark of the inspector) pass into a company that will convert your minivan. Whereupon it shall prepare a package of documents: list changes, layout, copy of the statement, copies of certificates. These documents shall be filed in U.S. (Moscow) or TsBDDiTE (Centre for Road Safety and technical expertise) to reach a conclusion. After receiving conclusion, the company is preparing you a package of documents for submission to the Traffic Police: – The original opinion of the U.S. (plus plan interior) or imprisonment of TsBDDiTE – Application-Declaration on the amount and quality of work – Copies certificates to work (with annexes) on the seat (for the category "B" certificates are required category "M1", and to D – M2) for auto-glass on the heater, etc.