Cartagena Countries

Without a doubt, tourism is one of the industries with greater proportions to expand in various areas remain the motor of economic growth and one of them is business tourism, where many countries are making inroads in that sector offering a business trip linked to multiple activities of leisure and modern infrastructure where perform the best conventions and events in all areas. Then the best countries that are developing a comprehensive business tourism: 1. Colombia this country offers in several of its major cities like Bogota, Medellin, Cartagena, Santa Marta, among other, extraordinary conditions for the realization of events and incentive trips. It has a modern infrastructure that ensures quality events. Colombia has become a country that attracts millions of travelers a year becoming one of the main venues for business meetings, for low costs, attractive to foreign tourists destinations and routes of access to both facilities land as air, excellent economic communication and large convention centers. 2 Panama is considered one of the countries with skilled resources for the realisation of conventions, congresses and incentive trips. A place that has been devoted mostly to this activity and has always considered a country for purchases of products of high technology and modern infrastructure and with more than 1,600 companies engaged in consumer market.