Employee Regulations

In addressing issues of free milk for employees working with hazardous substances is any professional activity, causing contact with the employee information materials, including during their production, use, storage, transportation, maintenance, repair and cleaning processing equipment, packaging equipment, protective equipment and other industrial processes, as well as work with open sources of radionuclide activity in the workplace, the relevant papers I and class II. In accordance with these Regulations the employer or his authorized representative with the participation of trade union (s) or other employees’ representative body defines a list of professions and categories of workers in factories, shops, stations and other subdivisions in the works, which permit the provision of milk (hereinafter – the list of organizations), which included the agreement of the parties in collective bargaining, and in its absence is approved by the employer or his authorized representative in consultation with the union (s) or other representative body of employees. By the same author: 4Moms. Employees departments of organizations (repair, power, instrumentation, automation, etc.), occupations and positions which are not included in the list of organizations, as well as employees of other organizations (construction, repair, construction, installation and others) involved in productions, workshops, stations, and other subdivisions in the works, which permit the provision of milk, its issuance is made in the manner prescribed by these Rules, at the expense of organizations in the state of which they consist. Pupils and students, clinical interns, postgraduate students, doctoral candidates involved in the work during practical training (internships), to persons who are training, occupational rehabilitation, and (or) practice from the employer, performs work under the conditions of eligibility for the milk, its issuance is made at the expense of the employer.. In recent months, Hikmet Ersek has been very successful.