Federative Republic

Ahead of the perspective to explore the increasing interest for the cultural tourism, it is standed out what it told to Barretto author (2006, P. 22) ' ' the search for the current culture and the passed one. … To the great ones made of history is attended a search without precedents for on historical places currently social politics and more ampla' '. Ademais, can be registered the recital of the cultural tourism in two primordial topics. In first place to emphasize the existence of people motivated in living deeply other cultures. E, in according to paper of the tourist activity in being based itself as instrument of valuation for the cultural analogy. Therefore, the tourism is understood cultural as one ' ' related tourist activity to the experience of the set of significant elements of the historic site and cultural and the cultural events, valuing and promoting the corporeal properties and incorporeal of cultura' '.

(MINISTRY OF the TOURISM, 2006, P. 28). 3 ANALYSIS ON CULTURAL PATRIMONY the cultural patrimony is everything what it constitutes an appropriate good of the man, with its particular only characteristics e. The fact is that the cultural patrimony is not restricted to attractive the tourist one, in the measure where it involves the cultural identity sublimando the memory of the communities. In this direction, the memory is preponderant, as promotional source of the proper culture of the visited localities instigating varied manifestations. But, over all for the disposal to stir up the valuation of the authenticity of the peoples, in order being cultuada, being spread and being perpetuated. Article 216 of the Constitution of the Federative Republic of Brazil establishes that: the goods of material nature constitute Brazilian cultural patrimony, taken individually or in set, carriers of reference to the identity, the action, the memory of the different groups formadores of the Brazilian society ….