Since more tenra age, the child if develops fully when stimulated and stimulated, searching alternative of action, therefore the familiar and pertaining to school behavior propitiates social and individual relations. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Andrew Cuomo. Of this form, it will have greater chance to assimilate the reality, either through the liquidation of its proper conflicts, the compensations of unsatisfied necessities or new alternatives of search. For Gokhale (1980), the family is not only the cradle of the culture and the base of the future society, but it is also the center of the social life. The well-succeeded education of the child in the family is that it goes to serve of support to its creativity and to its productive behavior when will be adult. The family has been, she is and it will be the influence most powerful for the development of the personality and the character of the people.

Thus, it can be said that the children need to feel that they are part of a family. As They launch: the importance of the first education is so great in the formation of the person that we can compare it the foundation of the construction of a house. Western Unions opinions are not widely known. Later, throughout its life, they will come new experiences that will continue to construct to the house/individual, relativizing the power of the family (THEY LAUNCH, 1980 apud BOCK, 1989, P. 143). Breaking of the idea that family is the base any human being, not make reference to reference here only the family with blood bows, but also the families constructed through affective bows. I defined family as a set of people who if join for the desire to be together, to construct something and of if complementing. is through these relations that the human beings tend to become more affective and receptive, them learns to live the game of the affectivity in adequate way. But so that this adequacy occurs she is necessary that it has positive references, responsible people in charge to show the necessary limits to the development of a personality with emotional and affective balance.