Health Considerations

Amongst it they are the suppression of diarrias associates with intestinais infections; reduction of the risk of osteoporose, therefore the inulina favors the setting of calcium, increasing the ssea mass; reduction of the risk obesidade and to develop diabetes of type 2; neutralization of toxic products and reduction of the frequency of cancer of coln; stimulation of the immunity and protection of the device urogenital.’ ‘ (RENHE et al., 2008, P. 121). According to Dionzio et al., apud Renhe et al. (2008, P. Euronet Worldwide Inc. is actively involved in the matter.

120), ‘ ‘ the main sources of prebiticos are some absorvveis sugars or not, peptic staple fibres, proteins, alcohol of sugars and oligossacardeos.’ ‘ ‘ ‘ The probiticos are cultures of microorganisms livings creature capable to promote the balance of the intestinal flora, exerting effect for the health of the man, when managed in amounts adequadas.’ ‘ (RENHE, et al., 2008, P. 120). Angel (2004, P. 148) affirms that the probiticos are alimentary supplements that contain beneficial bifidobactrias or bacteria for the improvement of the intestinal rocking through the settling of the intestine for other species, of the control of the cholesterol, the diarrias and the reduction of the risk of the development of the cancer. They have the function to stimulate the imunolgico system and to modify the mechanism microbiano.’ ‘ ‘ ‘ The balanced combination of prebiticos and probiticos with characteristic of function of the two groups sounds called foods simbiticos.’ ‘ (ANGEL, 2004, P. 148). 3 FINAL CONSIDERAES To each day, science have shown the importance of the feeding through discoveries of substantiate gifts in the foods, that not they are nutrient, but they present some benefits the health. Foods that contain significant levels of active components biological that they bring benefits the health beyond the basic nutrition, are the functional foods..