International University Master

"What kind of interest – angered a local resident, the driver taxi, trying unsuccessfully to park their cars on the main street of the village – to come here, get up and eat? "Baikal tract, leading to Listvyanka, because of the greater number of regularly occurring on it accidents, popularly dubbed the road of death. However, the central street of the village also runs the risk of gain notoriety. In one year, killing two of the owner the most notable buildings in the street, "the house Barbie "and" Bears. " On the outskirts of the village, on a steep bank, for several years now unfortunate orphan is an unfinished three-story red brick house, whose owner ended up in the glorious city of Bratsk, and not having legitimize its construction. Once a State has waived the centralized management of tourism in an emerging industry have joined ordinary citizens, offering accommodation, meals and entertainment guests.

This could not affect the structure of the population, the quality of his life, the external appearance of the village. One of the first entrepreneurs took advantage of the situation mediocre, those who had owned a piece of land, house, small food item or a ship. Major efforts are now focused on developing and promoting an ambitious project to create a special recreation area Listvyanka "Baikal-City". The project was supported in regional administration, and Listvyanka talked about as a territory, claiming the victory in the All-Russian competition of projects Development of Russia. The project involves the creation of the territory of special economic zones: tax incentives for investors and import of goods not subject to customs fees. In the valley of the Cross in the territory of 380 hectares will be built nearly three dozen hotels, three hundred guest cottages, a huge convention center, water park, designed for five hundred visitors a day, International University Master's, playgrounds, fire station, a helipad, residential housing for staff. Founders of the project expected to increase the share of tourism revenues in a few times. Figure a million visitors a year by 2026 paralyzes the ability of consciousness to the adequate perception of reality completely. Once the project is at the center discussion of the IV Baikal Economic Forum Listvyanka strode into the world economy.