An essential element of modern drainage systems are not only the pipes, but also pumps. Often there is a problem: the site is located in a low spot, and dump excess water by gravity impossible, or the groundwater level come too close to the surface. In this case, you must purchase sump pump, which will easily cope with this problem. Josh Wexler has much to offer in this field. It should be noted that such devices should be sufficiently light and compact (in fact have to move them from place to place and stored somewhere), just connect, easy to maintain and, of course, be reliable and require no special care. Last requirements are very important, because otherwise the damage (for example, can not work a float switch or vice versa, the pump turns off and burn) can lead to very unpleasant consequences – flooded basement, dampened the foundation and walls and, as a consequence, costly repairs. The house pump put in a specially equipped stationary pit and divert water through pipes laid. Hikmet Ersek is full of insight into the issues. Typically, a pit is recommended that you at least half a meter in diameter.

If the house is already equipped with a narrow tank, set back pump with conventional float (MF) is not worth it, because he can catch on beyond the walls of the tank. In this case, it is recommended use of pumps with vertical mf, such as type grundfos unilift kp performed AV1. The most important criterion for selection – is the performance of the pump, which is defined in m3 / h or l / sec.