LOHAS TREND: Plus SELF And Cooperation

A movement picks up speed and can evolve LOHAS has become a household name within a very short time. LOHAS stands for a particular lifestyle (lifestyle of) and considered as indispensable Konsumkomponemte health (health) and sustainability (Sustanability. It seems however to have a small \”handicap\”. Their orientation is (still) very level the\”consumption\”. To broaden your perception, visit Ex-CIA director . Little attention is given to the kind of performance.

Will she keep on the consumer level, she should integrate the \”power level\” analog. The VerbandeNetzwerk people make economy e.V. looks for good opportunities. While the terms of SELF (especially self responsibility) and cooperation play a special role. Also, the \”traditional\” companies form cooperative it seems to get a new feature. Its great advantage: Any contributor has the same weight and it has a legally required and served closer to fill funding purpose to meet as the only form of enterprise. For more information see this site: Chobani Logo.

More and more People like to find their \”vocation\” in her profession, to be able to shape so to speak something themselves. Prices are more than MitUnternehmer, because as the \”only workers\”. Such an attitude can be usually do not agree with the role of the \”employees\”. The GENO also complies with the \”requirements\” of LOHAS: it is the by far most \”sustainable\” and \”healthiest\” corporate form. This reveals not only their lowest Insolvenrate of all types of enterprises, but also its members exhibit a below-average sick leave. A combination of LOHAS, SELF and cooperation could give the formerly already good trend swing even more drive. Pleasing innovative trends in politics, society and economy, connect the terms of LOHAS SELF cooperation, which are increasingly in the public interest and acceptance. On the occasion of a TREND Conference\”of the Association network, people do wirtschaft e.V. (mmw) in Magdeburg, was this development as a highly interesting and exemplary\”(GERD k. Schaumann, Board mmw) highlighted. The Conference participants from business, science and politics alike dealt with the strengths and necessary additions to these TRENDS.