Paros Marble

Watertightness is ensured by a low coefficient of water absorption – from 0,08 to 0,12%. This property allows the use of marble for decoration with high humidity (bathrooms, swimming pools), as well as apply it to design fountains in an open area. Thermal stability of marble has become one of the reasons for the use of products from it for decoration of fireplaces. In addition, the plates of this natural stone ideal for finishing with temperatures well above normal. The universality of marble as a structural and finishing material is that it can be used for the manufacture of large parts of interior – Staircases, columns, wall panels, statues, and smaller ones such as balusters, table tops, vases, decorative bowls, etc. Environmentally friendly marble determined by the material of natural origin: the porous structure allows him to "breathe", making a room with a marble creates a favorable microclimate.

In addition, the level of radioactivity of this natural stone of the first class, which means that it can be used for construction of buildings of all types. Marble deposits are deposits of marble around the world, but the properties of this stone in different regions vary considerably druga.Naibolee popular and valuable considered marble from Italy: a field near Carrara in Tuscany, comes white marble, used for making sculptures. This is the material used for their famous masterpieces by Michelangelo. And now This beautiful stone that can transmit light to a depth of 40 mm, used for architectural and sculptural works. In Greece, the great marble mined on the island of Paros. .