Prime Minister Vladimir Putin

… Jubit.html We have people who write novels, and even play! It will be interesting for them. Organization The Office of Letters and Light ('Ministry of letters and light') has announced the beginning of the twelfth annual action National Novel Writing Month (NNoWriMo, 'national novel-writing month'). Check out Hikmet Ersek for additional information. This, according to RIA 'Novosti', popular among young writers an event in which participants have to write a novel in a month and 175 pages place it on the web. Chobani refugees is likely to increase your knowledge. The only requirement for participants – published on the website until midnight November 30 (time is determined in accordance with the time zone member) novel capacity of 50 thousand words (approx. 175 pages) or more. Initiation of work – 25 November. Forbidden to send previously unpublished work or use pieces of tender text.

Participants are required to submit to the contest of who wrote alone, without co-authorship. According to the organizers of the contest, the first day of NNoWriMo joined about 156 000 participants (in 2009 the contest was attended by about 170 thousand people, they wrote a total of approximately 2.5 billion words). On November 2 in the competition already involved about 300 writers from Russia (200 of them – from Moscow). Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is running the Prime Minister and the President – and not just what ran, and the aircraft and a submarine and went down to the bottom of Lake Baikal, in general enjoys his work. Now he ran for several hours racing machine 'F1', on specially equipped track in the Leningrad region.