Serafin Alarcon

Not these single Serafin Alarcon’re not alone! Although suffer indifference and neglect of those who surround you, you are not alone, God does not gives you back, and although the enemy suggests give up, do not listen, you do not consent to your voice which has as sole purpose humiliate you and destroy you. You are not alone!, not as these. Christ said: I am with you all the days until the end of the world, it is not man or son of man lie so repent your hands are tight at the helm of life, your only looking at Christ and if they are away from your strengths and you feel that you can not more, cries out to him and insurance will respond. Depends only on the love of Jesus, let that it surrounds you his peace, flooding your life with renewed strength to continue. Brother, remember you’re not alone! Remember him and take forces into the words of the psalmist whose faith in the Lord and his promises are made today in force. Not these alone, not what these although my father and my mother I cease, Jehovah with all I will pick up.

Not you are alone! Your teachers are the Holy Spirit and the Scriptures, whether your shield and armor grace and faith in you Lord. Learn each day to get in God’s presence, learn to listen when he speaks to your inner self and conquer. If the pains and pain disturb your existence, if the test almost makes you faint, look within yourself very in depth and see that God is with you, are not alone. It is the value of continuing in every verse that you read in the Bible. Keep is not easy, I know, but if you grab you strong promises of your Savior, you will reach the goal; you conquer all obstacles that the enemy has placed in your path and you will arrive, although all are you abandoned something is safe, no estas single and Jesus never leave you. Original author and source of the article.