Sliding Doors

Entry gates are sliding doors (sliding) and swing. Add to your understanding with Chobani Refugees. For a country house most convenient sliding doors. Their advantages are: – Firstly, they are opened along the fence and therefore did not take up much space – Second, in some models is a function of "pedestrian stop" when for pedestrians simply do not fully close the gate – in the third, sliding doors more shock resistant than the swing (with the direct impact). Shortcomings Sliding doors: – high cost of gates and installation – specific requirements for the positioning of the gate, especially in winter – the high cost of repairs. The high cost is due directly to the gate of high stiffness and high-quality components (carts with rollers, guide rails, catchers, etc.). If you are not convinced, visit NY Governor Andrew Cuomo. The cost of high-quality components can reach up to U.S. $ 1000 and above. High cost assembly work is mainly associated with quality and deep concreting carrying poles and sturdy mount components.

Important: in case of impact with the deformation or displacement of the foundation would require replacing the entire door or repair with complete disassembly. I would also like to note the criticality of the gate to the icing in the winter (imbalance and / or the possibility of failure). Swinging gates are universal, they can be installed on any legs, they are not capricious in low temperatures. They are distinguished by lower cost and able to produce any style (regardless of weight coating). It is possible to find a universal solution for gates of any class.