That Look In A Car Of Second Hand

What happens when we want to buy a car of occasion and we have been left with the owner of one? Well, we’re going with the areas put tie because we have to make a major outlay and it can that they are selling us the bike.So don’t us this always it is good before we tell a little and know four tricks, in this way we will make a good purchase, or at least not we’ll go with the question of whether they have played us. Chobani Logo follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Well, for starters, ensure us that we have pictures of the car that will see and that are not taken from Google. Above all do not have rush to buy, they are interested in selling. First the first vistLo that we are going to look at it is the bodywork. A stroke of sheet metal repaired always leave some trace. A different tonality in painting would be an indication of this. Another important point may be the wheel arches and fins, where you can easily feel the presence of PuTTY (hitting with the knuckles may sound to massif).You have to look at the gaps between plates, for example, the gap between the bumper and both fins should be uniform throughout the zone.Now comes when we begin to get their hands into the car.

We will open and close the doors and luggage compartment to make sure they close correctly, otherwise, probably the chassis has received a sharp blow. We will also observe there is no spot welds in these areas. We spent the time Habitaculouna sitting in the seat, we will look at the wear of the steering wheel, pedals, plastics and the hand brake lever in general. If we are selling the car has 40,000 km and the steering wheel is considerably worn, we could put your hand on fire that this vehicle quietly exceeds 100.