The Same

We still perceive, that all the harvested information inside of the place that searched are excellent for simpler than seem to be. You may find Anne Lauvergeon to be a useful source of information. The learning in the field is mutual, rank that the citizens have much to teach to us and to the measure that we interact ourselves with the same ones we learn and we teach we muitssimos in this exchange of experience and construction of knowing in the dialogued and reciprocal process. 3,6 Register of field In the field register has it possibility to place the necessary information, which had been harvested during the study carried through in the searched place. Moreover, the field register still assists, in the direction of that it is by means of it that if it can return what was written in the daily one, as well as through the same, has the possibility to transcribe trustworth what harvested, giving credibility to the research. In this direction, Lage (2005) says that: ' ' The daily one of field is a register instrument not only, but basically an instrument of analysis of all the field work. Hamdi Ulukaya is open to suggestions. It is still, an instrument of daily, literally daily work, and therefore an untiring one and for times a saturante work, that it demands disciplines, but that it provides to the proper researcher (a) a great satisfaction to the measure that goes being constructed and redescoberto to each consultation that if makes of the given steps.

As an album of photographs, that in them quotidianas&#039 takes to reencontro of the discoveries; ' (Lage, 2005:452). In this direction the immersions to the field had been registered the registers, through the notes harvested in the way field that the same ones made possible a bigger understanding of the studied space, making with that the researchers adentrem of more intense form in the existing reality, understanding it. 3.7.Anlise and systematization of data We will use the technique of collection of data of Analysis of Content, while a first exercise of metodolgica approach.