Walter Daniel Genga

If you knew that this is true, which is part of the natural functioning of the law of attraction, do you still leave opportunities pass, leaving for tomorrow what you can do today? Look back, examine their own lives, they had redone see if they were to experience the same situations. And if they see many things they regretted not having made them, then before the new situations that life presents go forth the following analysis: Given this new opportunity that life puts them ahead, before saying it is not for me, not I can, I have fear, they will say, etc, etc, look back and look at similar situations later regretted not having made them, and then mentally Place yourself in the future, within one, two or five years and think how they would react This opportunity, which now have forward and do not know or do not dare to face it. While analyzing the present and ask yourself: If we do not take this decision “I’ll be regretting it in the future?. You know that the law of attraction everything depends exclusively you, so if given the chance, all you should feel is that I feel like a need that comes from your heart, then there will know whether the decision to take or fail to take at that moment will not regret in the future. And if you doubt arises for example on starting a business should take professional advice before whom correspond to whether the investment they are to be implemented (if any) is properly raised. That is made relevant research they want to address, whether to make a professional consultation beforehand either on a budget, physical, psychological, or whatever, once past that first step if necessary, only to be your own decision.

Only you face to face with the future of his life. So remember before you decide to look back, then forward and finally live the present. Because in life there are only two types of people: Those who live by this, because they understand that future does not exist, only the actions we undertake today. And because these people are those who understand that our future is not simply the result of how we live our present and not the reverse, as those who leave everything for later and the only thing they achieve is that the ideal future is increasingly find more distant and empty. You, what kind of person you want to be?