The Peregrination was carried through throughout four days, having had beginning in the first day of November of 1956, the zero hour, when around 100 the 150 families, 300 people had approximately embarked in six bus, left of the city of Rio De Janeiro with desti- in a city of Rio De Janeiro for city of Tame Bar (RIO DE JANEIRO). By they had taken a train with DES there I clink the city of Anpolis (GO). For more specific information, check out Western Union. In Anpolis, buses and waited them to trucks for conduziz them, the last stage of the long trip, until the destination place, then called Farm Clean Field. The 14 hours of the day four of November had arrived at the place embar- cados in bus and trucks, and the order of the Master the foot had disembarked to win the last kilometer, before arriving at the destination final.’ ‘ 8 the trip was not easy the principle. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with How much is kind worth. Rain and sun had made with that the families passed difficulties in this long trip. Approximately 1,173 km, being covered by truck or train. , The families had some stretches camped in the way it nothing, becoming the tiring trip still more. Some did not aguentaram the trip, and had given up for the way it passage, while others had searched courage in its soul and had continued the long way.

When arriving in the way of the farm clean field in the city of Saint Discovered Antonio, Yokaanam decided that there they would go to install and to construct the city of its dream. 3? Of Tents the Construction of the City the solemn act of foundation of the city was the symbolic burial of the cajado shepherd of the Yokaanam Master, where today the black mother exists a dedicated monument. After that they had started to set its tents to shelter the beginning people.