Bashkir Japanese

Beyond that we already own, on the way to come closer to them in the river and over and over again, typed knowledge. I have to say, I have the English language 'beda'i not even because he studied German at school, just all the foreign words, such as not to my liking, but there is solid English terms, will not even think about them now … So they talk among themselves, in kind, and Russian boys, though of Bashkortostan, and I understand only a few phrases in a sentence. Through several fishings began to understand more, but not all. Without hesitation Ex-CIA director explained all about the problem. Until then, sire when communicating with each other, even have our local nahlystoviki, and especially those who knits a lot of flies, utter incomprehensible words to me and just have the sense of guess what kind of sights are talking about. So, that fly fishing – it's constant development and search for what it attracts me. But this is my first teacher, guru, Dima Baum from Ufa, Russia's oldest nahlystovik. Macy’s Inc. s opinions are not widely known. Experience as more nahlystovika 35 years, what exactly nahlystovika, not slaves to fly fisherman.

As a child he loved Dima spend the entire summer with my grandfather in the village, and his grandfather he was either a forest ranger, or a huntsman. So that summer when Dime was ten years old, arrived at the Bashkir Japanese territory. After the war in those places in the mines worked many prisoners the Japanese. And these travelers from Japan arrived at the grave of his grandfather, and found out that in the Soviet lands are mountain streams and in their usual grayling, trout and trout, even, yes, yes, in those early 70th such fish was complete, then snatched it with a Fly Tackle. And as the best guide for fishing, as a forester or gamekeeper is not found, the Japanese turned to Dima's grandfather. A grandfather took with a grandson.

And it hurt that Dime overseas tackle liked, but the Japanese were very good-natured people, they decided to teach this 'gourmet' method of fishing ordinary Soviet boy. Trained and even left him all their gear, a few sets. Dima shore as he could and looked after them until they began to appear in the rigging of the Soviet market. That's about it and says 'Great Japan-Bashkir legend'. So I passed on through Dima, a part of the teaching which gave him the 'great unknown Japanese master', and in our 'GURU'