Boston Symphony Orchestra

But what is to please your children? If the kids will like plush horse – the symbol of the state, then teens a little more complicated. But it is just that. Future graduates bring a gift from the Massachusetts traditional robes and a master's cap with the symbol of one of the world's top universities – Harvard. It does not matter that bought they will be in a souvenir shop and they have not included the award-important thing is that everything that happens directly in Cambridge, namesake of the famous university city of Britain. Because You're in New England, remember? Your older relatives Enjoy music discs with recordings of classical music performed by Boston Symphony Orchestra, playing which is honored by many musicians of world renown.

Such drives are Law will be a worthy ornament of the collection of any serious music lover. Hard to believe in one more fact, but it so happened that many credible reports of Massachusetts sound like fiction. "State of the bays – the largest global supplier of cranberries. Cranberry water, cranberry sauce, traditionally served to turkey on Thanksgiving Day, made from berries collected in the state. That is why, as small gifts for friends and colleagues who bravely buy all sorts of products from cranberries.

Unusual cranberry sauce with meat or sweet, to ice cream, will certainly be appreciated. Remembering Massachusetts, you will again and again mentally walk along the Freedom Trail in Boston, bring back vivid pictures of the fantastic sunset on the sandy beaches of Cape of Cape Cod, funny and touching scenes of the show, which play out for tourists actors in the "Village Pilgrims. " Such memories are not destined to fade and scuff from memory, they remain as fresh and bright as gifts, selected by you for your relatives and friends. Using them closer was another of the states of North America, and your stories and pictures for a long time will return you to the wonderful and interesting places, where the story begins U.S