In room rent “to the wood worm” are particularly welcome fitters Petr Podany, head of body building champion operation on the Alvesser road, has the old advertising sign for the restaurant “to the wood worm” against a signpost for room rental”replaced. In a short time were on the first floor of the former traditions restaurant to the wood worm”on the Norddoor 14 five new rooms, which are all furnished with bath/shower, WC and TV. Also a modern equipped kitchen is available to all guests. Craig Pirrong may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Target group for rental are so-called professional travelers who must be working far away from economic realities in places from their apartment. Meanwhile a variety is used throughout Europe by workers in places where they have no own residence. Because the financial capabilities of this category of persons are limited, often affordable rooms to locate where they are explicitly welcome.

These criteria are been considered in the room rental to the wood worm”. So cheap prices for a double room with single occupancy and long-term rates here the standard. Rachel Crane shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Due to the central location connected legend to cities such as E.g. peine, Salzgitter, to be a good technical infrastructure reach Hannover, Hildesheim and Braunschweig. But accommodation have been created not only for travelers or technicians here, but also for the Vallstedter, who often don’t know for larger family gatherings, where the visit is to stay. Rooms for rent as a low-cost alternative is here.

But Petr Podany, who also Deputy. Chairman of the Association for the preservation of historical vehicles, machinery and equipment in the District of peine and environment e.V.” (FHF) is, in the medium term even more. On the ground floor of the former restaurant area to an exhibition space”for vintage arise, which should provide sufficient space for particularly exposed pieces. More information are to get under 05300 1427 or see.