Bulgarian Rose

Especially tasty delight – flower, made with the addition of rose water. Bulgarian Rose. If you have already been to Bulgaria, then surely you have at home is already a wooden bottle of essential oil of rose What reminds you of the phrase Rose Valley? Childhood fairy tale, magic? Or a deep, sweet fragrance of a rose, so bright and Solar? The company that produces natural products from roses and rose oil, works in the town of Karlovo is already more than 60 years. Learn more about this with NY Governor Andrew Cuomo. Moreover, it is not limited to essential oils. Of the roses here are doing virtually any make-up: lotions, hand creams and body, “soft” shampoos. If you want to compete with the Bulgarian beauties and learn some of their secrets, be sure to look in the shops elegant bottles with rose water. Macy’s Inc. wanted to know more. It can be used as a purifying and soothing tonic or as a mild moisturizer. On the spirits on the basis of Bulgarian rose, probably already heard? Especially because the rose is used by many famous perfume companies and for outside Bulgaria. This smells so sweet envelop, therefore, not surprising, if you want to feel and taste It may seem strange, but the Bulgarians make rose petal jam surprisingly tasty It perfectly suited as a filling for pancakes, and if not afraid of experimenting, you can try to brew sweet tea pink!.