Deficient Children

To make it, a literary revision with bibliographical material on Ludoterapia, Hospital Brinquedoteca, Deficient Children, and some specialized references of texts and articles was carried through. Check out Publishers Clearing House for additional information. LUDOTERAPIA TECHNIQUE ONE SOON INTRODUCTION According to Axline (1972), Ludoterapia if bases on the premise that the game/trick is a natural way of the child if to express. How much is kind worth may find this interesting as well. The method can be of directive form, where the therapist assumes the responsibility of orientation and interpretation of the therapeutical process, or the not directive method where who is the child assumes the responsibility on its behaviors. This technique, if structure in the foundation of the life to be a dynamic and relative process, and that the citizen this in constant change, that is, what happened yesterday, tomorrow can not have today more the same meant. Axline (1972) clarifies that, the not directive ludoterapia, if beacon for the premise of that the citizen inside possesss of itself capacity to decide its proper problems.

In this form of therapy the individual can be he himself, expressing what it is without no type of imposition. The room of Ludoterapia is the place where the child is the person most important is it who if auto it manages, is accepted of the skill that it is. The therapist participates strengthening feelings of security in this place the child gains autonomy on its acts: ' ' … Being the half toy its natural one of auto-expression is given the chance to it of, playing, to expand its accumulated feelings of tension, frustration, unreliability, aggressiveness, fear, astonishment and confusion. ' ' …

Descobrir its way, to test itself proper, to leave to disclose its personality, to take the responsibility for its proper acts? this is what it happens during the therapy. (AXLINE, p.15 and 18). In the not directive ludoterapia of group, the function is the simultaneous evaluation of the behaviors and the personality of a child and relation to the other children of the group, therefore the therapeutical group represents for child a really true group, that is, it unchains in the child natural reactions that express it in its day the day, becoming possible for the therapist, to develop in it a feeling of respect one stops with the others.