Facts And Figures Relating To Product And Brand Piracy

Piracy affects everybody. The innovation location Germany to the customer in the supermarket are piracy, counterfeiting, grey market trading or parallel import, illegal overproduction and counterfeiting and manipulation of documents and transactions not only consequence unprincipled actions of individual entrepreneurs, but rather the result of global organized crime. The value of the world’s counterfeit products, documents and transactions is estimated up to 659 billion euro per year. Recently Pegasus books sought to clarify these questions. twice as high as the volume of trade of all illegal drugs tendency rising in the double-digit range. If you would like to know more about crowne plaza rosemont, then click here. According to estimates of the International Chamber of Commerce, currently at least 250,000 jobs in the European Union are lost as a result. Piracy threatens the competitiveness of the innovation site Germany increasingly”, commented Prof.

Dr. Frieder Meyer-Krahmer, State Secretary at the BMBF, this development in January. Counterfeiting and product piracy affects the majority of manufacturers of consumption today and capital goods. No sector is spared. This leads to growth restrictions up to significant loss of sales in the original manufacturers.

Malfunction of plagiarism can damage the original brand image as far as that the proof of plagiarism must be provided to the disclaimer. Consumers are not only deceived. For counterfeit products, there is a risk for health and life. For example, when multiple sockets without surge protection, counterfeit spare parts in aircraft and last but not least counterfeit medicines with active ingredient of wrong, wrong dose, or contaminated. There are solutions necessary up to an individual and scalable protection of individual products, documents and transactions and an automatic authentication that enable seamless traceability through broad population groups – and all at a reasonable cost.