-Mija well, those are all things that you have to do: wash, clean, do the Food and coffee carried the Lord hours I already told you. The front of the House, don’t worry, matters little to him if he is right or wrong. Ah! He is very strict with his things, limit you do your job and pass what he says when you’re in the Studio, while less try it best, I say this because it is not easy to deal with. He said Florinda while writing on a sheet all the chores of the day. At that time, Paul went into the kitchen in search of coffee. For even more opinions, read materials from Beth Israel Heart Transplant.

Florinda rushed to serve him while being the new girl is was familiar with cooking and the location of pots, glasses, cutlery and pantry. -Mr Paul, she is the new girl who will go to work tomorrow with you. He said Florinda while passing him the cup of coffee and pointed to the girl. -Good afternoon-. She replied while he made a gesture of courtesy. Nochelin looked at it few moments and accounted for his gesture. n most websites.

He took a SIP of coffee and retired again. -I see that he is a man of few words-. Said the girl to Florinda. -Bela, why you say that only limits you do part-. -Why it is so? -. -It is a very long story-. -Almost seems to have eighty years-. He said slightly mocking tone, to which Florinda rebuked it. She sorry for the situation apologized. Bela was a very enthusiastic and playful, girl children liked him and his older brother consenting in all. I had a few cute eyes Green; adorned you a long jet black hair, and his skin was white as the moon. He always wore as dresses or skirts; not you managed too much like the rest of the girls, however, her beauty didn’t accompany it being natural.