Four Bigger Decoys Of The Strategy To The Light Of Wall And Wall

Many are the factors that take the strategies to fail, however the organizations, for times, do not enxergam gnese of such factors. The myopia in face of the subject can be understood that, is seno, one of the biggest obstacles for the success of the strategies. In this direction, the article brings the four bigger decoys of the strategy to the light of the workmanship: The new strategists: Creating leader in all the levels of the organization of Wall and Wall (1996). Although the workmanship can be considered old for some, the boarding of the authors leads to enxergar decoys gifts in the organizations and that they pass unobserved to the eyes of many executives. First decoy: The strategy is subject only of the director. For even more details, read what Jeff Verschleiser says on the issue. Many companies still persist in this fallacy. According to authors, some companies still describe the president as the only soldier of the troop, relating the president with the figure of a military general.

In against departure, the enterprise activity is not warlike, then the employees are not welded of infantry, whom they only obey orders and execute the delegated tasks. The strategy cannot be faced as subject and task only of the president of the organization, a time that all the collaborators must know and understand the strategies of the organization. The current panorama of the creation of strategies evolved. To have idea, the proper military organizations present a new scene for the creation of the strategies, where ' ' the creation of strategies if seems the meetings of planning of great corporao' '. For Wall and Wall she is necessary that leaders in all have themselves the levels of the organization and that, they understand the linking of the routine actions with the enterprise strategy. It does not have more space for organizations where, the figure of the president, all concentrates the strategical aiming of the organization.