Furniture Designer

More furniture, more storage space, more niche solutions in Berlin, September 14, 2010 – who believed that with the help of furniture is a high art, is on the portal of a better informed. With access to the Internet and looking for new experiences, it goes to work. Around 40 different models are available in the categories shelf, table, seat, wall tiling to the selection. These primitives can be configured simply by entering dimensions and the selection of materials, colours and decors and various tools to an individual piece of furniture. Following the self-designed furniture in 3D can be seen. Easily can be ordered also equal, because the final price also appears with the input and selection. New trends live out “the people want to realize themselves, at work and in life. This includes also the right to make the apartment according to your own preferences. See Rob Daley for more details and insights.

We offer a platform for this”explains Jens Meier-Ewert, Managing Director and expert in residential design. Goal of the makers is to set trends This portal. Reach they want, by regularly extend their offer and assortment and modify. “For the currently popular vintage look which combines furniture from different eras and styles, our customers benefit from the timeless, individual design, which can be created with us. We offer furniture that fit anywhere and so nobody”, so Meier-Ewert next.

Creative use of housing who know not the free spaces behind the doors, niches in the walls, unused corners, is apparently nothing to do with that. But storage space seems to be at the same time always in short supply – as well as the appropriate solutions. Even the most inhospitable corners to practical areas can be transformed with even configurable regiments, providing this portal. Furniture should meet not only practical aspects, but reflect also the lifestyle. The user determines the individual character of the size and surface colors even by selecting. In this way are personal Needs, fun and style unite. Practically in all respects, the idea Gallery on offers inspiration. Various living solutions presented here, for example for work room, bathroom and bedroom. The effective use of niches and refined solutions stimulate the creativity of the user. In addition, the service includes also the free shipping patterns. Finally, there are over 90 different materials, colors and designs to choose. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Israel Englander. Also, customers can be advise if necessary as a telephone service is offered. It has configured his shiny olive green couch table, which should also serve as a book – and newspaper rack, the price to do so also will automatically appear. This is equivalent to the budget of the customer, then the appointment be made. What is happy customers, is the adoption of the shipping costs from an order value of EUR 300. After only four weeks, the furniture delivered after they were craft produced in Germany. About the is an online store, He provides models for the individual design of the furniture and interior design ideas since August 2010. The company headquartered in Berlin offers furniture that are made for individual housing needs according to requirements and measurement. The is an idea of the company M-EK, leading interior design service “plan per square metre”. The jurruum consists of eight fixed and free employees. Download area: “how it works” / 300 dpi graphics images/jurruum/presse/300dpi/regaltischlerei_sogehts_300.jpg another Bildmnaterial and logo here: page/press.