General Staff Building

Foundation of the monument was built of stone blocks of granite half-meter thick. He was removed to horizon area plank wall. In its center was laid bronze casket with coins minted to commemorate the victory of 1812. Since work is performed in the winter, then had to mix cement with vodka and add the tenth piece of soap. After laying the foundation, it was erected a huge chetyrehsottonny monolith brought from Pyuterlakskoy quarry, which serves as the base pedestal.

Alexander Column is made of red Granite treated near Vyborg. The same place where at this time carved columns to St. Isaac's Cathedral. According to legend, the monolith to be used specifically for the construction of the cathedral. But getting a monolith longer than necessary, it was decided to use it on the Palace Square. In fact, this column carved on special order for the monument.

To St. Petersburg, she was taken on a special vessel which towed two steamer. Installed it on Aug. 30, 1832 on a pedestal just 1 hour and 45 minutes, participated in the 2400 soldiers. At the same time on the Palace Square was attended by more than 10 000 people, specially came from abroad. As a result, the column height of 47.5 m was above all similar monuments in the world: the Vendome Column in Paris, Trajan's Column in Rome, and Pompey's column at Alexandria. Jon Venverloh follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The column is not dug into the ground and not attached to the foundation. It is maintained only by accurately calculating and its weight. This is the world's tallest triumphal column. The diameter of the column – 3,66 m. The column is made of pink granite, weight – 704 tons, the sculpture is crowned by a column of Orlovsky, depicting an angel with the face of Emperor Alexander I. In the left hand, an angel holding a cross and raised his right to heaven. Previously, the angel was gilded. The pedestal of the monument is decorated with bronze bas-relief ornaments of bronze armor, as well as allegorical depictions of the victory of Russian weapons. Bas-relief on the part of the General Staff Building is depicted a figure of Victory, holding up a history book memorable dates: "1812, 1813, 1814. From the Winter Palace – two winged figure with the inscription: "Alexander I grateful Russia". With two other parties to the bas-reliefs depicted the figure of Justice, Wisdom, Mercy and Abundance. Bas-reliefs were made by artists Scotty, Soloviev, Brullo, Markov, and Tver. St. Petersburg after the opening of the column is feared that she would fall. And do not approach her. Then the architect Montferrand decided to walk every morning together with his beloved dog right under their huge structures, demonstrating that there is no reason for concern. In 1952, figure of the angel at the Alexander Column wanted to replace the bust of Stalin. There was even prepared a document that is found only recently during preparations for the restoration of the column. Only the courage and principles of Leningrad architects, dissenting, did not let happen to this idiocy.