Good Health

Later I heard of new. It gave intervals, later it came back to give strokes of a bell and it thus continued all the day. Meditei on this and I perceived that it is happening accurately as the missionary praises: That I would arrive the day where I would hear acute strokes of a bell very. They would sound at a moment where I was I give to leave this world. Thus, I could be knowing when it would be the certain acknowledgment. I go to wait, I will be intent. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Publishers Clearing House by clicking through. My day is not far. My time already passed and I do not have with to worry what me I feel that my day is next God alerting is me remains alone me to be thankful for the life that I had and the age that I have.

The good health allowed me to arrive until here; now only it remains to wait and to accept me my destination ' ' It was arisen and it was leaving, with its cane in the hand. She wanted to follow it, but it preferred to go alone. Little time later, disclosed a disease in the abdomen, that stops the medical resources of the time did not have cure, only calmantes to alliviate pain. To everything it accepted with calm and resignation. Many times I heard, it to say that it did not want that we worried in them, nor that we partilhssemos its pains, because it fit to suffer. Practicing catholic who always was, accepted alert of the death with calm and serenity, as being its sina. Insurance in the Divine protection was felt. It was calmed in the company of the children, daughter-in-law, son-in-laws and grandsons; for all he seemed to have a place in its heart, however I perceived that I had a person of the family with who it confidenciava: Ines, its only daughter-in-law, and with who always liveed.