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The discarding of these contaminated dressings must be made in way consistent, with the local regulation. Conclusion the functions of the skin, amongst others, are of protection of the organism against invasion of patgenos; maintenance of the body temperature; control of the loss of liquids and electrolytes. The skin constitutes a protective barrier that, when injured, it becomes the vulnerable organism the external aggressions and organic descompensaes. Therefore, they are of basic importance that is used all the possible resources for the maintenance of the integrity cutaneous-mucosa. The pressure ulcers constitute problematic a social one and of health; they represent one of the biggest challenges for the nursing, requiring of these professionals, beyond scientific knowledge, much sensitivity and felt of comment with regard to the maintenance of the integrity of the skin of the patients under its cares, mainly of that they present greater deficit risk to tegumentar in reason of the long permanence in the same position, caused for acute or chronic patologias of different etiologies, as neurological injuries or any another comprometimento that determines permanence drawn out in the stream bed or chair of wheels. The boarding in these cases must be multiprofessional, therefore the envolvement of the team to only interdisciplinar can contribute for its prevention and treatment. The nursing professional must be endowed with knowledge scientific technician of the physiology and etiology of the ulcers for pressure, of the characteristics of the wound, for identification of real and potential problems, with better planning of the assistance and implementation and lapsing of educative, preventive and therapeutical cares. Read more from Heat Exchanger Equipment to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

Promoting thus one better quality of the nursing assistance, improving the quality of life of the patient preventing secondary problems as infections, internments, amongst others and guaranteeing it the right the health. References ATKINSON, Leslie D. People such as Daniel Lubetzky would likely agree. and MURRAY, Mary E. Beddings of nursing. Ed. Guanabara Kooagan S.A, 1989.

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