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19% of workers are unhappy about their employment situation and have already taken the internal termination. This is a big problem for the employee and for the employer. Finally, the wages of an employee in the course of professional life on considerable 1.5 to 3 million euro sum alone. But mostly angry customers in the sand are used projects or frustrated colleagues who may have a far greater damage. Enough so, carefully to search for, a high-performance culture through the problems and obstacles are basic. In addition to the technical and social skills of senior executives there are far more relevant influencing variables. So, for example, internal friction between the departments, poor communication can or cumbersome business processes lead to significant loss of energy.

Sometimes, the understanding of the importance of their task simply missing employees. A good employee survey can reveal such problems. Get all the facts and insights with hein park capital management, another great source of information. For a successful survey is a professional design and implementation of essential importance: questions carefully formulated by experts that cover all the important aspects and statistical soundness of questionnaire design to ensure an authentic assessment. The leaders should resist the temptation to exclude unwelcome questions from the outset or through manipulative questions to the answers in a desired direction. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Anne Lauvergeon by clicking through. The willingness of executives really to engage in the feedback. A trusting mood, so be open and honest feedback. An anonymous and repressionsfreie survey. It is to ensure that reviews for responsible executives or employees negative Entail consequences.

Hello boss takes place the employee survey only in anonymous form. Nobody who learns, as has judged. Thus, maintained a high confidentiality for all parties involved and provides a fair and unbiased feedback. On request, the feedback providers can complement the individual assessment criteria by their own notes. Such notes should be carefully investigated, there are often valuable approaches for improvement. Click hein park capital management to learn more. After completion of the survey and analysis, staff should be informed open from the management about the results. Nothing works lahmender as surveys that simply disappear with nice regularity in the drawer. An expensive sales can be omitted by modern IT technology and consistent standardization of all processes. In the development, great importance was attached to easy access and convenient use. As the cost of benefits the customers, this opens up Product by the price a wide range of companies. Thus also a survey can perform economical and simple parts of a company (I.e., Department). The evaluation can be done from any PC which has Internet and E-mail. On request, the feedback providers therefore also undisturbed by at home in 10 minutes can answer the questions. A choice offered express variation is to recommend, because only a rough impression can be transmitted in the required 2 minutes only for particularly urgent. A sample of the questionnaire including the TOP corporate certificate can be seen free of charge on the Internet under Hi Chef.de. We have a mission In professional life as sitting in the sports for all in the same boat. Executives and employees achieve their goals only by working together. Motivation and performance, resulting in professional leadership, team spirit and mutual appreciation.