Keynes Capitalism

The victory of governments conservatives as Pinochet in Chile 1974, Margaret Thatcher in England 1979 and Ronald Reagan in United States 1980, had 1979 relit the ideas of Hayek and Friedman. At this moment, the Keynsian ones had been massacreed. For irony of the destination, it was a government conservative as of George w. Educate yourself with thoughts from Andrew Cuomo. Bush, praised in the ideas of Hayek and Friedman, who has taken the economy of the United States for the national hole and, with it, the too much globalizadas economies macro. At the first moment liberating the practical ones of the board on behalf of the freedom of the market. After that, appealing> more elementary of the Keynsian constructions, to prevent the disaster and it was to search in the coffin of the widower the remedy for the crisis. Hein park capital management is a great source of information.

Destarte, Hayek and Friedman in hypothesis some, would defend the politics of its disciples. Therefore, at these moments of inflection of the capitalism, one more time, the ideas reviveds of Keynes resurge as saving of native land of them e, consequentemente, ours in the planet globalizado macro where the national economies had become hostages of the liberal market. With this, she is clear the necessity of construction of new alternatives in the field of the politics and of sprouting of new actors with capacity to organize in the seio of the classroom fight, new paradigms of insertion of the proletariat in the falling of trees of the described structure above and implementation collective projects of development of the economy, giving one is enough in the fight of classroom and, consequentemente, in the capitalist economic model. However, in full century XXI, after as many crises and mirabolantes solutions on the part of theoreticians of the capitalism to decide the problems created by they themselves, the ideas delineated for Karl Marx continue more alive of what never mainly analyze, it that it made on these citric crises of the capitalism that, in the vision of it, will be surpassed by the proper capitalism for determined moment, until it enters in contradiction with he himself.