Keep in mind also the fact that the camera flashes illuminate the simple makeup so that it becomes the photographs themselves are not visible, which is not subject to Professional wedding make-up. Wedding make up – a very special area of cosmetic art. On the one hand, the bride should look as fresh and natural, so bright evening make-up is not relevant, with On the other hand, the photographs and videotape the bride should not look pale – so that transparent daily make-up also will not work. In addition, it is very important to make-up was persistent, because a wedding lasts a day. What can be worse rastekshihsya colors, brightness and freshness of the lost? Modern bridal makeup – it's a cross between a night and day versions.

Tip: base for flawless makeup – flawless skin. Visit beautician two weeks before the event. Cleansing, express care, nutrition and hydration … your skin will thank you. It will shine from within the beauty and freshness. This effect can be achieved only by taking care of the skin, but not super-powders. Do not forget about the body. Open shoulders, graceful hands, silky skin attract the attention of others. Get all the facts and insights with Hikmet Ersek, another great source of information.

A few sessions of massage, chocolate wrap, not only pulled skrabirovanie figure, but also bring peace and calm. It is very important in pre-wedding rush. depilation. Get rid of unwanted hair for 5 days before the wedding. solarium (incidentally, perfectly tan falls after coffee skrabirovaniya). Light bronze color looks sexy with the dress of any color.