Nietzsche World

On the other hand, the appositive one, perhaps, the risk, the enrollment, also is denied and dissimulated for the world of the calculation, of the forecast, of the security and in which it is successful most suitable. Badiou considers that we live in a world blinded for the security ' ' a world where each one must, more early possible, to calculate and to protect its future. He is one world of the career and the repetition. A world where he is perhaps dangerous. For even more opinions, read materials from San Diego Gas & Electric Compan. A world where we do not have abandoning in them to encontros.' ' (BADIOU, 1994, P.

39) We can then consider that our society is opposing to the philosophy desire. In it the philosophy is threatened, does not find citizenship right. The Philosophy meets kept out of society so that its main question in the present time is to know as it can protect and save the desire of filosofar. Sony is often mentioned in discussions such as these. However, it cannot be depleted in a speech that she insists on showing to its ' ' utilidade' ' or to fall in a vitimismo closing itself on same itself. In the reality, if the philosophy today has that to justify its existence and necessity, the problem is not of the philosophy, but of a time at which happens the massificao and bestializao of the man, the idolatria of the State, the belief of that the happiness directly is related to the property and, finally, the death of the desire of filosofar and its conditions: the revolt, the logic, the universality and aposta/o risk. In one of its Consideraes Extemporneas (Cf. NIETZSCHE 1978), Nietzsche in the alert one of that ' ' a time that suffers from thus the call general culture, but without civilization and unit of style in its life would not know to make nothing of correct with the Philosophy, despite it was proclaimed by the genius of the truth in person in the streets and feiras.' ' (NIETZSCHE, 1978, P.