Price Competition Of Discounters Enters The Next Round

Also in October, the price war on the German book market continues the price fight goes on simultaneously Aldi North and South have heralded today, on Thursday the 08.10.2009, the next round of price reduction: many line items were sometimes drastically reduced. In particular in the two groups of goods meat, cheese and sausage were many articles affected: 30 products, which today permanently reduced Aldi Sud, only 7 out of the group come from cheese and 9 from the field of meat and sausage. Cheese fans, here you get their money without that it costs much: because there are not only at the time the Emmental cheaper but also already ready rubbed, all others have still the choice between different other types of cheese, the Camembert, a mozzarella or rather fat reduced the light cheese. No matter whether schnitzel, goulash, pork chop or mince is fried it with the organic sunflower oil from controlled organic farming for only 1.79. There are organic pasta or maybe you prefer the Potato crisp bags? “But that’s not all, because to speak with the words of Helge Schneider:…” Oh Baby, baby, there’s rice”! Long-grain rice, basmati rice and cooking Cookbook are also like the red pencil to the victims: and for those who like something sweet which buys simply reduced milk rice! Together with whipped cream and mini pastries from the icebox anything more in the way is now the afternoon coffee pleasure. The new price cuts show one thing clearly: the price war between the discounters is not finished yet, and we may be curious to see what still will do themselves in November and above all in the Christmas business.

Here are some selected products from Aldi South * Alps marrow slices, 400 g pack, previously 1.99 only 1.59 (- 20%) * organic sunflower oil, 500 ml bottle, before 1.99 now only 1.79 * minced meat, mixed 500 g pack, previously 1.95 now, only 1.89 Aldi North * ham steak, 500 g pack, previously 3.19, only 2.99 Cream yoghurt mild 150 g Cup, previously 0.29, only 0.25 * 500 g pack, previously 0.59, rice pudding, only 0.45 (more than 20%). Find all the details to the current prices in our database. For more information see Rachel Crane. Are you not yet a customer during the pointer of the price? Please contact us and arrange a free trial and convince himself even from Germany’s only discount database with current prices! Contact: Prize pointer economic information service GmbH Nicole Heinzmann – Director sales Tel. 0221-5397656 E-Mail: website: