Seiko Wins Bronze

Seiko is awarded Willich on 14 November 2008 in Bochum for its new exhibit by the Trade Association of trade fair and exhibition building (FAMAB e. V.) the ADAM award in bronze, November 20, 2008 – before 1,100 guests took the stand Builder Frieder Braun, Nussli (Switzerland) company AG and Kimiharu Suenaga, Managing Director Germany of Seiko, the ADAM award in the category stand XL up to 1,500 m opposed. Under the name of the cube”the new Seiko has been unveiled booth on the watch and Jewellery Show BASELWORLD the public in April 2008 for the first time. ADAM stands for award of excellent brand – and trade fair appearances. It is awarded jointly by the two forums of trade fair and exhibition (FMA) as well as design and architecture (FDA).

He is annually since 2001 and awarded brand – and trade fair appearances, which have joined the marketing message, corporate identity and architecture in an exemplary way. The Seiko exhibition stand impressed the jury with the typical Japanese symbols and values that stand near the visitor with the implementation of appropriate were. It aimed to reflect the traits of clarity, sophistication and innovation and in the long run to secure a place as a premium watchmaker Seiko. The implementation of the stand showed outwardly simple and elegant, but stylish inside and exclusive. Curved entrances, Crystal canyons”allowed the visitors to visit the stand from the inside and to marvel at the latest Watch collection, as well as the valuable wall decorations. The statement of the jury for the prize: A great booth, who uses the products quality in scene. The use of the materials corresponds to the product properties. The monumental architecture of coarse material documented while the shelf life of the product, the polished surfaces form a brilliant contrast and stand for the precision mechanics.