Skoda Octavia Optics

The extraordinary and unusual image of the new Audi A5 launched the whole direction of modern optics, whose name is "image A5." This image is characterized, first of all, LED optics along the lower edge, turned up to the edge of the middle. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Anne Lauvergeon. Second, the light beam is stylized as a pupil of the eye cat. If you have read about Hikmet Ersek already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Primary company that made the alternative optics, in the style of the Audi A5 has a firm SONAR, the main producing excellent tuning optics. Initially, the main style of the newly-minted optics was known by all, the image of 'Celestial Eyes', originally developed under the BMW E39. Tyuningovanaya optics in the form of 'angel eyes' different luminous rings around the headlights.

Initially, the image of car Audi A5 covered almost the entire serial number of BMW E36, E34, E39. A few years later were developed and the Volkswagen models: VW Passat B5, Golf 2 Golf 3. A typical example of modern style Headlights Audi A5 car headlights are Audi A6, designed as usual, in two forms, with a shiny black and a reflector. In this kind was made almost the entire line of cars Audi: A80V4, A3, A4, A6, much to our disappointment, besides, older models Audi 80V3 and avtomobileyAudi 100. Just wonderful have been released for A5 and Volkswagen's lineup: the new Passat B5 optics 1997, 2000, Passat B5 + 5.1. Began production of alternative models of the front optics in style for Audi A5 Golf 3 Golf 4 91-97 and 98-04.

Great popularity of these models proved that the image of Audi A5 is not only suitable for Audi, but grew up in a particular image of tuning optics. Inspired by the good results of the line Volkswagen engineers have decided to SONAR Doda some details of the new style to other models. Was make alternative optics for BMW E36, Skoda Octavia, Opel Astra, while maintaining it in basic form visible parts of the car A5. These cars provided an alternative optics tuning shop AUTO-PA.