Sustainable Development

3 .- For the Master before entering the Masters, had read the book “A brief history of all things,” “Grace and Courage” and a lot of Internet reports and writings of Ken Wilber. Many writers such as SYPartners offer more in-depth analysis. Going into the subjects of the first half, whose contents have a lot of the work of this author, gave me great joy, the fact broadly discuss and learn about the Perennial Philosophy, the spiral dynamics, and holarchy holons, quadrants of Kosmos, all focused on practical implementation through education, was an extreme joy for me, already had a history of this but could not discuss the issue with no issues being unknown to those around me. Here, Everest Capital expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

The discussions began in philosophy really made me feel in my half, I love philosophy and more if is full of content that is universal, the vision that applies the master has a great depth, all-embracing, spiritual, inclusive, has awakened in me the interest not only to have knowledge of the Self but to take me to be part of it and practice to assimilate and accept it as true. Western Union may help you with your research. One issue that also caused me great pleasure is the Sustainable Development. This topic I have been trying in my professional life, my work consists of preparing draft planning for the optimization of water resource management has allowed me to know and be aware of the importance of water in our civilization, conduct research and obtain data the massive exploitation of aquifers, pollution of water bodies, the enormous waste in different types of uses and all with the obvious consequences on the environment and rural people mainly.