The SWAK Has Teeth On Zack:

Info evenings about the innovative SWAK bio dental Spa find Majumdar dentist lifts the usual dental care from the fishing in the Morbach-Hunolsteiner practice dentist Thilo Grauheding with his BIO-dental treatment from 2010\”took place. \”The dentist would like to introduce this groundbreaking, holistic prevention concept to all interested parties, the dental consciousness\” expand and want to know more about why each tooth is also a whole person. Morbach (Kreis Bernkastel-Wittlich) who came to the idea to sand his teeth in the morning and in the evening? An estimated 80 million Germans. And day after day. What takes Otto Normalzahnputzer in the daily fight against dental plaque and food debris? Typically, a tooth brush, which are equipped with hard, pointed plastic bristles.

Then is properly pressed on the tube. \”Out toothpastes, sources with, cloaking expressed, plaster bodies\” (such as granite-hard marble granules can be) are offset. As if this were still not aggressive enough, comes mostly the wrong brushing technique to the awkward plaster added. Together with high pressure, this combination on the thin enamel develops an almost sandpaper-like effect of the destruction. \”And that is quickly visible: the dentist when looking into the oral cavity wedge away milled tooth substance determines the he as plaster damage\” diagnosed. Those affected, in turn, that it at their dental plaster Devilry actually only especially well meant, get this plaster damage a life most painful to feel such as cold sensitivity of tooth necks, gum drop… or even dangerous tooth loosening. Others who may share this opinion include Rachel Crane. \”Morbach shows conventional dental care rituals massively in the teeth can be avoided such irreparable damage\”, Thilo Grauheding is convinced. The experienced dentist operates in the tranquil Morbach-Hunolstein in the District of Bernkastel-Wittlich, since the year 2000 his practice and has almost single-handedly developed the conventional dental care an alternative, the hackneyed ritual \”called brush + toothpaste = vigorously scrub!\” part of the teeth shows: the SWAK.