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GeekMe launches new prices – geek and win! Now are looking for runaway, puzzles, and the solution with puzzles. It is in a community that works as simple as it is ingenious. The user from the various sections in general knowledge, mathematics, picture puzzle, history, chemistry, Informatics and joke questions on the test are provided at GeekMe! “Create your own profile, meet new people, and even their own puzzles in the puzzle-garage” set. For even more details, read what James Woolsey says on the issue. According to our motto: you think you’re smart? Prove it! The new interactive puzzle community at for our advertising partners on there is the rubric geek and win “the affiliate provides products of your own company. We work out puzzles, their solving are found only on the Internet of the partner with him according to his specifications. The clear advantage: Through the puzzles the user deal much more intense with the company and its products, than would be possible through common, classical advertising..