Tom Weller

What you can do about insomnia and sleeplessness sleeplessness (insomnia) is a relative frequent occurring form of insomnia, which millions of people have to suffer throughout the world, and which occurs among young children and young people, as well as among seniors. Studies have shown that every 4th suffers adults occasionally! Insomnia is not considered a disease, but as a condition, which can be tackled in a systematic way. Insomnia is characterized by the continuing difficulty of not being able to fall asleep, or to wake up repeatedly during sleep. Functional impairments typically causes insomnia during wakefulness. Please visit 4Moms if you seek more information. inions on the subject. Many people who suffer from insomnia, aren’t able to close your eyes more than a few minutes per day or just shut down”. There are 3 types of insomnia: occasional insomnia, which occurs temporary insomnia, which occurs every now and then for a short time within a few days or weeks Chronic insomnia, which occurs almost every night, and for several weeks or months to stop what is the cause of insomnia? It can come from various reasons for insomnia: psychological problems such as stress, anxiety, tension, depression changes of workflows, jet lag, shift work, problems in the workplace consumption of caffeine or other stimulating beverages or means (drugs, medicines, sleeping pills, etc.) Hormone flare-ups before menstruation chronic conditions such as asthma or arthritis, neurological problems, brain damage, etc. Different studies have shown that insomnia both can be one occurring disorder without fundamental cause “out of nowhere”, as the direct consequence of a traumatic incident or psychological problem.

How can I treat insomnia? In any case, you should talk to an expert from the medicine for insomnia occurring again and again. It should thereby be noted if you are seriously ill or a serious psychological problem exists, which must be treated. There are a number of medications (such as sleeping pills or sedatives), which help with insomnia, however, are psychologically you, sometimes even physically, depending on risk at all of these drugs. You should therefore before any medication once trying to find itself a solution, and try out different. Make E.g. relaxation exercises before falling asleep like yoga or meditate a while. Also regular rituals before the bed you let be quiet, like for example a game play or read a book. Drinking a calming tea or a cup of milk can be very relaxing, like a warm bath with Lavender or lemon balm oil.