Western Bank

The almost caricatured and uncritical adoption in the past of the so-called American way of life (there were even much sectors that in the country of origin took distance from it), it reinforced certain cultural and consumption, Parisian bias previous patterns or Londoners, particularly by the so-called middle class, was that generated a protracted period of decapitalization, which us has become more vulnerable to the new global situation. In our developments thereon, incorporated first as ingredients of the energy matrix (including transportation and communications), traction to animal blood. It was most recent of the possibilities of the traction to human blood, emphasizing in cycling, that It was already avizorado with motifs of the oil crisis of 1973, by Ivan Ilich. In previous communication we have referred to the fate of popular engineering, posed the answers resilient of the so-called cartoneros of the Metropolitan Area of Buenos Aires. What motivates us to this communication, is the recent presentation by a student of origin Chinese, whose video was distributed by Internet, a development which in prieta synthesis consists of the following: a bicycle with a battery that is powered by energy from the physical effort that transmits its force through the pedals is designed. It is transmitted to the wheel and one activates the accumulator. The entire process is monitored by a mini computer.

Bicycle at a time ends its journey, and in a particular place, let’s say you plug it and the accumulated energy is transmitted to a power grid. The design involves generating person with its physical effort of that energy, you get some kind of compensation for the contribution made to the respective energy network. Educate yourself with thoughts from jonathan friedland netflix. The possibilities that are opened through this ingenuity, rolled back us our past staff, to from there, extract experiences that serve us to devise according to our future in the Argentine territory. Of our childhood in the 1950s, has elapsed in the port Ensenada de Barragan, located on the Western Bank of the Rio de La plata, remember multiple activities that are motorizaban’s with traction to animal blood or human physical effort.