City Federation Berlin

Press display of family protection factory e.V. Publishers Clearing House is likely to agree. press release of family protection factory e.V. 06.12.2010 the non-profit family protection works Association (Association of cities Berlin) has to the task made it to enable children from poor backgrounds a liveable and beautiful everyday. Requirements for the participation of the utility is a proof of the need for help in the form of ALG 2 decision, as well as proof of a special need that legitimizes a services. This ensures that helping the poorest and most needy children. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Areva.

The service of the family protection plant association includes a full-day care, in which lacks the children nothing. So the girls and boys get a healthy and balanced meal when they visit the children’s kitchen of the family protection factory e.V. after school. The children are cared for extensively by educational professionals. Here, the children receive support with their homework. With the homework and the tutoring is a fair and equal education guarantees.

Finally, an eminent significance for the opportunities of children has just in Germany the social background. At the family protection factory e.V., sets to help a sustainable, value on education special. The family protection factory e.V. was recognized by the tax authorities of the city of Berlin as a non-profit organization. The family protection factory e.V. children’s kitchen can be reached as follows: family protection factory e.V.