Monopoly Violating Condition

Frederico de Sousa Almeida Duarte* SUMMARY: Introduction; 1. Historical boarding; 2. Monopoly, a conceptual vision; 2,1 Oligopolies while it forms to monopolize; 3. Principles of the Economic Order; 2.1. Antitrust law and CADE; 3. Monopoly, the abolition of the competition and exempts Initiative; Conclusion; References.

SUMMARY Presents a general analysis concerning the situation of the monopoly, as violating of the principles of the economic order, the Free Initiative and the Free Competition. This because the monopoly is a economic situation characterized by an imperfect competition where only a company withholds the power of the market without competition, thus delimiting to be able of choice of the consumer. But in order to prevent monopoly situations, the State must regulate these relations, and this happens through the Antitrust Law with Auxilio of the CADE, that plays the function of repression and prevention in the concorrencial area. PALAVRAS-CHAVE Monopoly. It exempts Initiative. It exempts Competition.

Antitrust law. CADE Introduction The monopoly situation is characterized for an only company to vender definitive products, does not exist competition, what it has is a great responsible firm for the control of the price of the products. This situation of economy makes to violate mainly the beginning of the Free Competition that many times is perceived as synonymous of the Free Initiative, what it is not truth as will be perceived well. The monopoly situation does not allow the entrance of new competitor companies, and so that if it prevents this is necessary that the State comes to intervine and this the same makes supported in the Antitrust Law, that has for purpose to prevent to reprehend the infractions against economic order, having the CADE (Board of directors of Economic Defense), as responsible agency mainly for the observance of the effectiveness of the Antitrust Law. However, types of monopolies exist, as the coercive ones that they are supported by the State due to exclusiveness of the patents in the market, and the state monopolies.

Effective Apparatuses

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Administrative Subjects

SUPERIOR EDUCATION IN the IBIAPABA the fight for the implantation of Superior Ensino in the Region of the Ibiapaba started for return of 1985 with the creation of the Fatec – College of Christian Theology, offering free courses of Theology and Philosophy in the City of Is Benedict. They were difficult times, therefore Brazil still assayed the first steps of the Process of Democratization. Although the regimen in validity the IES – Institutions of Superior Education generally were born free, from the organization of intellectuals who had as objective common the educational formation of the people. The institutions appeared very and with work its bases fincavam until conquering its autonomy next to the MEC – Ministry of the Education. Many of these institutions had after conquered its recognition long years of Academic Action.

The Fatec was born in this context until it came the New LDB in the year of 1996, fruit of the Process of Democratization of the Country. The New LDB made possible great conquests in the Educational Sector, however the Bureaucratization of the social actions and politics if it fortified in the same ratio. The IES alone could initiate its activities by means of Authorization of the Public Power. Ahead of the new picture, in the year of 1999 the Fatec is extinct and is born the Facib – College of the Ibiapaba, aiming at the framing to the new rules that had started to normatizar Superior Ensino in Brazil. The visit of then the Minister of the Education, Pablo Renato de Sousa Is Benedict was the Basic Rock for the materialization of this old dream that Was protocolled under n 23000,005792/200-12 in day 20 of June of 2000 to the 17:07: 03 hs in the MEC – Ministry of Education – Executive Secretariat – Undersecretary’s office of Administrative Subjects, later published in I GIVE – Federal official gazette of day 27 of November of 2000 – Section to it 2 – Page 07 – Would carry 3.482.

Pressure Education

The pertaining to school system of the elite, in turn, satisfied, in certain direction, the scarce demands, whose horizontes cultural did not go beyond necessity of the fast conquest of a profession. The pertaining to school system of the dominadora classroom, in turn, satisfied in certain direction to also restricted the elective demand the education, that when to the amount, it wants when to the quality, for how much always was proper of the aspirations of the ruling class illustrated it simply, through the preparation for liberal careers. Such system revalidated the private individualism, whose rules already are given by the world of the bureaucracy and the organization, that comes supporting a speech that will teach to each one as if to relate with the world and the too much men. The divergence between real and proclaimed values can be patented, thus, for the inaquality of access of some social classrooms to the schools. In the truth the education right did not pass, in the life rale of the society, in the right of all those that if they showed capable, according to standards dictated for the values them ruling classes. this selectivity acquires character of a true social discrimination. In this in case that, education is faced differently in agreement the interests of the social classes. The leading layers, that see in the changes a threat to its stability, evidently matter to keep the educational system inside of its functions conservatives and to control the expansion that the pressure of the emergent layers induces the system to create. In function of this, the demanded educational changes are, therefore, but in the direction of the expansion of it offers of the existing school of what in the direction of if obtaining the substitution of the traditional models of education for new models.

Publishing Social

The creation of the Federacy of the Associations of Recycling of the Rio Grande Do Sul (FARRGS), in 1999, is another example of agglutinant action of this activity. Unhappyly, exactly with all this organization and mobilization, the recicladores earn around less of one regional minimum wage, being far from representing a worthy life. We have conscience of the critical situation that we are facing in the country and the world, mainly in social and ambient terms? Saints (2003, p.92) say that ‘ ‘ We are divided, broken up. We know it way, but not accurately where we are in jornada’ ‘. The moment arrives to find the direction that leads in them for the survival. 5 CONCLUSION After analyzes carried through is perceived how much we are moored and without many alternatives for referring more concrete solutions to the social inaqualities. The poor poor persons are each time and living without no dignity for all parts of the world. How he will be daqui for front? When following the steps that the humanity gave until the moment, we will be able to foresee the future? We will be able to revert the social and ambient problems? A thing in them seems certain, the recycling appears as solution.

The work in the recycling, that exactly still informal and without the which had recognition, in such a way provides to a new hope for the planet Land in constant destruction, as for the people in misery state. We are front to our planet, in all its exuberncia, including all the existing beings, and in this look we visualize signals of inaqualities and destruction. This work, unhappyly, is finished without a solution and conclusion for the problems argued here. Very still it needs to be thought, to be reflected, to be changed, analyzed and mainly, materialize. He is one here I appeal to all for the urgent brainstorming to solve the problem of the social inaquality and the ambient destruction. 6 REFERENCES OAK, Isabel Cristina Moura.

The Ecological Invention: narratives trajectories of the ambient education in Brazil. 2. ed. Porto Alegre: Publishing company of UFRGS, 2002. RIBEIRO, Darcy. The civilizatrio process: studies of anthropology of the civilization: stages of the sociocultural evolution. So Paulo: Company of the Letters, 1998. KOPELKE, Andres Luiz. Notebooks of studies: economy. Indaial: ASSELVI, 2006. SKLAIR, Leslie. Sociology of the global system. Petrpolis: Voices, 1995. SAINTS, Boaventura de Souza. For the hand of Alice: Social and the politician in after-modernity. 3.ed. So Paulo: Cortez, 1997. SINGER, Paul. The challenge to organize the informal worked one. Young world. Porto Alegre, n321, out, 2001. LAND OF RIGHTS. World-wide letter for the right to the land. Available in < Access in: 30 Nov.

Controversial Move

My books suggest that sometimes there are situations, especially in boats against several players, where you should delay your climb with a good hand. The idea is that keeping the pot small and hiding your hand, you have someone bet on the next street, letting it go now. (Sometimes the situation is that you bet, and another will rise.) Found criticism that recommendation because it does not take the opportunity to extract maximum value from worse hands. Critics say it is better to climb on the streets first and then the following bet. It is beyond question that is often the best alternative. It depends on the exact situation. But we think our play has a higher EV in more situations than most people realize.

Fortunately, the reader can see that the debate around the fact that our play makes less money when you win, but win jackpots more often. Is it profitable to give up profits to increase chances of winning? This is usually a very complicated question. What I do here is to propose a very simple model that corresponds to the situation even approximate. Imagine that the bet is $ 100 and have a hand that has a 60% chance of defeating the two rivals. The first opponent passes, the next bet and I turn comes. If you upload, both will pay. In the next street you will return to bet and be paid for both. So after the first two streets, each one of you will have put $ 300 into the pot (assuming you do not put anything before).

Favorable Decision

Only those foreigners have problems associated with the Union the country has collapsed – fools and roads. Naturally the problem of fools is not much that can make a simple man in the street, meeting with a ridiculous situation in his life, here to take care of the roads we certainly have the opportunity. Everyone attending the summer my favorite small cottages, which lead to large and small roads. Then there is the main road to the dacha houses, and roads near her house. We strive to decorate them with greenery and boulders, bridge tile, align and obihazhivaem. Still, in winter the risk of crash and hurt his foot on the carpet at home is as significant as the chance fall into the ditch at the entrance to their summer cottage. Snow and ice alter the cozy straight path, transforming them into sloppy and dangerous paths that can only get the natives to the decorated skiing, when thinking about this risuyuschiesya our imagination.

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