New Energy Husum

After four days, the trade fair closes its doors today new energy Husum. Husum, 24 March 2013. After four days, the trade fair closes its doors today new energy Husum. With approximately 300 exhibitors and approximately 15,000 visitors she has presented again renewable energies themselves this year as one of the most important fairs in the area. The range of the exhibitors and their products, as well as the response of the visitors were greater than ever. I am delighted by the large influx of trade and private visitors on the year’s new energy Husum,”says exhibitors Ole Hering, CEO of NorthTec Maschinenbau GmbH.

Also the number of the lectures was so extensive like never before. The population is increasingly sensitized for renewable energies, confirming the great response to our lectures and seminars. The requests by the exhibitors were targeted, the discussions active”, says Thomas Seifried, project manager of the new energy Husum. “The international meeting of small wind World Summit for small wind” was better attended than ever before. It was supplemented with additional events to the planning, construction, operation and the construction law in small wind turbines.

Battery storage until to insulation systems, the solar companies showed while in particular products for own consumption, energy management and maintenance, the small wind turbine manufacturer were on the stands, horizontal and vertical systems and their components. Many visitors interested in solutions with which they can produce heat and electricity self-sufficient”, says Michael Erdmann exhibitors by BeBa energy GmbH & co. KG. The new energy Husum shows us where the journey is going.” In the special passive house were insulation systems for floors and walls, buffer memory, and planning software. Also a model, convert and energy again in a biogas plant excess wind and solar power by electrolysis into hydrogen to store excess energy seen next to battery save the completely fully booked a Congress for the first time, can busy themselves with this topic for the future in Husum was.

Dollar Value

The data from the United Kingdom were negative, as disclosed problems in the banking industry during the weekend. The Euro found support in the 1.4300 area; lows in the 1.4302 area, and the pair recorded a decrease of 50% after the latest upgrade. Several traders noted that the banking problems along the U.S. rescue plan, spread to Europe and the European currency was under pressure. The USD / JPY remained stable despite the news of the bailout, the area recorded highs of 106.94. The pair are fighting for an improvement, and not following the upward trend of other pairs.

The USD / Swiss Franc saw heavy buying, and was around 1.1000, which surprised; recorded highs in the 1.1089 area in Europe. The Swissy is trading technically, and also showed a shift of 50%, which suggested that the fence is in the 1.1050 area. The loonie also recovered recording technique in resistance of 1.0453, before falling slightly, the 1.0440/50 area highlighted by sales. In my opinion, the American bailout plan is supporting the level of support the USD, and is awaiting a vote by U.S. lawmakers, once the euphoria is over, and when they are the real costs of the plan will be created certainly pressure on the greenback. Despite the rise of the dollar in the short term we will see pressure on the U.S. currency in my opinion. It is estimated that the dollar will fall in the middle of the week.