Effective Communication

Communication and language always impressed me the language and the use that we make of him. Perhaps because it is something every day, we use it since we are born and why not give the importance that has. It is regrettable that we can not sit to think about what we do with our words, since with them we can build or destroy. A spoken word is like an arrow released, never again to your place, can exalt praise, support or motivate someone and likewise can hurt, offend and even destroy. We use the language and the word to communicate to us, but we are not aware of what we are communicating, the message we give. It is so important that he could attributing our good or bad social relations, couple or family. If it’s serious, but more serious still is our own inability to see it. If we had so clear where our words and the depths that touch for good or for evil in the heart and the feelings of others then arrive would be much more careful when we use them, and We aprovechariamos to reinforce, positive things in others.

The bad misunderstandings do happen? How and why are there? There is only one way of seeing reality, said in other words, we see things according to our own personality, from our own personal angle, therefore our vision is parcializada, or incomplete. We believe the possessors of the truth, we assume that everyone sees things in the same way as we do and let me tell you that there are two mistakes in this approach. Every one who sees the reality, since their own way to do it, from its history, and their previous experiences, from his subjectivity, according to their own interests and attitudes. On the other hand the second error is in believing that we see as reality and as it is, but not so we have a perception to speak in any way and such as we saw in the example of the picture of the hand, skewed the facts.

Learn To Win !

Learn to win! (Or seizure of territory), each person had to negotiate. Sometimes, especially to the important business of the meeting was a success, not enough for your personal charm and well-prepared plan. When the other side too wants you to maximum concessions, it applies the special negotiating techniques. But do not rush to give up! Experienced negotiators are well known Fenechka curious, if not too educated partner at the table behaves with excessive self-confidence, waving his hands, brash and interrupting himself only hear from him want otsest away. So, we should act exactly the opposite: sit down close to him and stop it with …

coffee. "Tea? Or coffee? "- Hardly anyone refuses, respectively, in front of him on the table there is a cup of coffee. And to the cup – a saucer of sugar. And next – vase with pechenyushechkami. On the other hand – tube with a doily. And to make it easier to reach not honored guest – you, as a caring owner, all of this carefully (and quietly) pulls him closer. And that is closer … And it a try! And when all this coming at him from all sides, it obkladyvaya the left and right, and unknowingly causing a sensation of pressure and neuyuta – Mr.

subsides, removes his hands, squelching of coffee, and you have the opportunity to present their position already. * His territorial expansion you killed her – and took the lead. Consciously or not, but every leader has always manifested itself in territorial expansion, he seeks to expand its territory, to fill the space, and he likes it.

British Prince Charles

The program for wiretapping Spyder-pc Do not talk! British Prince Charles recently once again disgraced. Newspaper News of the world during the month printed so intimate details of life heir to the British Crown, that Scotland Yard became suspicious. Detectives discovered that Clarence House, the official residence Prince, literally bustles with wiretapping bugs. At first, everyone thought that this was the work of terrorists. But he was soon arrested by one of the correspondents of the said tabloid. The program for wiretapping Spyder-pc spree husband can Even calculated on a cell phone turned off is still a radio transmitter end. Read the beginning of the weekly CP of 26 October. In the last issue, the weekly magazine, we talked about the fact that all our talking on a cell phone, SMS and MMS-messages are stored in two years based cellular operator.

Signalers must provide a printout of calls on demand security services. But as it turns out, access to this confidential information are not only the investigators. For a modest fee you can get all the details of the negotiations and correspondence to your spouse or business competitors. Ply these unscrupulous detective agency with their people in the cellular companies and law enforcement. But the possibility of ultra-modern technology to find the next party do not stop there. Bugs program for wiretapping Spyder-pc Shut up! I see you! All of us – who is on the cervical strap, one purse, and who is just in your pocket – wear with a transmitter.

Personal Marketing

The personal marketing is a tool of valuation of the human being in all its attributes and characteristics. It is to ahead divulge its image of the chances so that others they can integrate it in its plans. Making this made good, all the people (colleagues, professors, etc.) had passed to enxergar you with other eyes they had incased and you in its plans whenever it is necessary. Different of what habitually if it believes, personal marketing is not to divulge one better image of we ourselves, but yes in them to become better people, for in such a way is essential to identify our deficiencies and to attack intensely in our qualities, that is to add value in our personal mark, to invest in the personal and professional development, through reading of books, magazines, sites and courses, since the times, we leave these things of side and we lose the focus of our objectives, spending and losing the time with futilidades, and when this happens, it is fatal, therefore who does not know where wants to arrive, to any will take it way until there. How much to the values and attitudes the personal life cannot be differentiated of the professional life. The separation must be carried through only in time terms. It must have specific moments, for the person, for family and for the work, however the personal values that conduct all our activities must be the same ones.

Looking to a balance in all the dimensions of the life, our objectives must allow personal, familiar, social and professional a stability. 3. Way to construct to its image the way to reach a place in the work market and to improve the personal relationships, directly is related with the self-knowledge and the capacity to explore potentials, and to arrive in this destination it must be followed the steps below related (Course of Personal Marketing): To recognize our potentialities, limitations, abilities and abilities and to learn to use them in our favor, therefore personal marketing is the way to exteriorizarmos what truily we are.

Market Advertising

Especially if you have a new product and you just go to the market – Article, will be your indispensable assistant. Let's talk about how they work. They can help promote? What is their role in this process? With a potential customers may not even going to your website and seeing your product, find out about him and his qualities. Acquainted with the advantages and benefits of its use, love it, and become interested and even want to make a purchase. Please note that buyers are generally skeptical of advertising. They are tired of the abundance of advertising, especially its imposition while watching movies … In my experience I can tell when a company where I worked, refused to advertisements in favor of smaller items – the number of incoming calls has increased several times.

Because, after reading the article, people have the interest, and they have a lot of questions. They called is almost ready to buy, and is interested ask questions. Shoppers are already aware that our product can help them solve their problems. The article, even if it is advertising, the potential buyer is perceived differently than straight advertising. That is why the article is in pole position, and they appear to be hidden advertising. To position itself to customers, emphasis is on solid facts. Show the benefits and advantages for the client, not to praise their products. "Pipes," that it is the best and wonderful, you do not call confidence and a positive response. Let's take an objective and useful information.

Collor Market

Some cars were equipped with engines of the Volks, with the Ford/VW fusing forming the Aultolatina the Gurgel pass to be faced as competing. In 1987 it even launches the BR-800 with engine 100% developed by the Gurgel and praised for the competitors as the Volvo and Citren. Of beginning, the only form of purchase of the vehicle was the acquisition of Motor actions of Gurgel S/A that got the adhesion of 8.000 shareholders. 10,000 lots of action had been vendidos, each purchaser paid US$7.000 for the car and about US$ 1,500 for the actions, in the 1989 end had agio of 100% for 1,000 units more than produced. In 1990 the exempt government cars with lesser engine that 1000cm of the IPI. Thus the Fiat launches Uno Mille with price the same of Br-800, but offered to space bigger and better performance.

The opening of the market in the Collor government represented a hard blow to the company who not to obtain to adapt the new reality and the acirramento of market. The project of the plant of exchanges in the Cear represented a great upheaval to the financial health of the company who already was not well. Counting on the loan of the governments of the Cear (Ciro Gomes) and So Paulo (Fleury), that they had signed letters of intentions, and later had disregarded the agreements took the Gurgel for the agony. Already in January of 1993 the company left to pay wages and its action fell down disastrously from a high place in the market. Bogged in monstrous debts, weakened for the incited competition of the market, the Gurgel asked for forced agreement in June of 1993. It had an attempt to liquidate the debt of the plant in 1994 when the company asked for to the federal government a US$20.000.000 financing, but this was denied and the plant declared insolvent at the end of the year.

Marketing Communication

UNI-BH Pr-reitoria of After-graduation, Research and Extension Course of Specialization ‘ ‘ Broad Sensu’ ‘ in Marketinge Communication the IMPORTANCE OF the AMBIENT MARKETING IN the AGE OF the SUPPORT. Daniel de Azevedo Junqueira and Ferreira 1 Adlia Barroso 2 Fernandes Belo Horizonte, 27 of June of 2009. Summary This article deals with the ambient marketing, indicating the necessity and the importance of its application as marketing tool. It also deals with the necessity of the creation of sustainable processes of production that, currently, if have become a very important factor in the decision of purchase of the consumers. This study it searchs to evidence the beddings of the ambient marketing and its application in the current days, a time that the use of this tool if has become each more expressive time reflecting, also, a global change of conscience.

Word-key: Ambient marketing, ambient communication, environment, support, image> ambient. Abstract This article treats about the ' ' green marketing' ' , indicating the necessity and importance of this application a marketing tool. Also treats the necessity will be the creation of sustainable production processes that, currently, have become very important factor in purchasing decisions of consumers. This study aims you highlight the fundamentals of the ' ' green marketing' ' and yours application today, the uses of this tool has become increasingly expressive reflecting, also, change of global consciousness. Key-words: Green marketing, environmental communication, environment, sustainability, environmental image. 1.INTRODUO the world-wide population comes growing e, concomitantly, the consumption. In turn, the increase of the consumption stimulates the growth of the production. The industrial revolution, initiate in England in middle of century XVIII and that it was become enlarged for the world from century XIX, introduced in the society the production in mass. Becoming related these factors and including the unfamiliarity or, even though the disrespect, of the impacts ambient caused, as much for the means of production how much for the consuming market, we arrive today in a preoccupying situation where the environment can suffer irreversible damages that will affect, directly and disastrously, the existence human being.