Laying Tile Troutarnoy Slabs

Correctly chosen base is the main basis of qualitative laying paving slabs. Most often, in this case, as the basis for use of gravel and sand cushion. In an increasingly complex environment is better suited concrete base. In each case, the site where will be laid paving slabs, should be well planned, should also be strictly conditioned levels and slopes for water drainage. With the help of paving slabs, can be lay out a large set of diverse images and color compositions, based on personal tastes and style of your choice.

1. Planning. Draw a plot plan that you intend to pave. Measure the area. Next Apply these dimensions on your plan. Estimate the number of tiles needed for installation, as well as the quantity of raw materials for your foundation (gravel, crushed stone, cement, sand). 2.

Markup. According to the selected plan, with strings and pegs mark the site for laying the tile. 3. Digging. Excavation should be carried out with the view that after laying paving slabs, its front surface will be released at a given level of the site. 4. Preparation base. For laying foundation to use gravel or crushed stone, which must be carefully vibrate, fractions from 20 to 40 millimeters. It then examines the surface of your foundation under the tile and if there are irregularities, they should be sprinkled with sand and a further seal. 5. Laying of cement-sand mixture. For its preparation, moisture content of sand should be about 10 percent. Mixture must be prepared on the basis of – to one part cement three parts sand.

Soviet Present

Kani village – the usual mountain village. Cani – is one of the villages Kulinsky Lak area. Altitude – 1,800 m, distance from Makhachkala – 155-160 km. Kani – a former home Tinkerfolk, masons, and in the Soviet era – the cradle talented teachers, doctors, engineers, economists and scientists. Kani – originates from the small settlement nestled in the hills around the present village.

Earlier in antiquity around the present village of Kani were small settlements: ByachIaribakIu, AkIilabakIu, TsIovkIrabakIu, Butsulttahalu. This is evidenced by the remains of the foundations of houses, graves and other items. In kanintsev a legend for the extradition of married daughters of tuhuma "Avburttiguhul" in the settlement on the hill "ByachIaribakIu," and at this cemetery of our village is a monument with the inscription: Ayzhayzhallihal dushra, Avburttiguhal SSDS, Maylul chchatIaya chchatIayn Chchannu bizlay buvkIssara ("I am the daughter of renowned hunters, the sister of seven brothers, without stepping on the ground in the bushes ISIR, I went to the groom's house"). Different circumstances of economic, social and domestic nature caused the association of these settlement in one village. Gathered for site selection for construction of a new village elders decided to release all the settlements of two oxen, and the place where the oxen will fall to build a mosque and around the village to build a total. So it was selected location and construction of the present village. On the wall of the mosque is an inscription 1734god. Among the place names of interest to the title in certain localities, "GulutsIalu", "TsIuvkIravalu," and some others.

Geometry Analytical Method Simplified

As Professor of mathematics at different levels of education, through the ongoing practice and the use of purely logical reasoning and a simple analysis of the different items of this science I could deduce countless methods and practical ways to solve different mathematical situations in a simple way without resorting to cumbersome formulas, theorems, or properties that most confuse his understanding above all students of these subjects even many times. For this article I have chosen at random within the analytic geometry analysis of the straight parallel and PERPENDICULAR promptly, most not all topic on Yes, because my intention is to show only a topic of this for obvious reasons. In future articles I’ll be exposing other interesting points using this so SIMPLE way see the math. James Woolsey has compatible beliefs. Before proceeding must emphasise that this article goes directed for connoisseurs of this matter, who have experience in it, must in particular not be considered by students who are newly initiated in this matter to not give rise to confusion, most who have at least one base of these knowledge they can analyze it carefully. THE equation of the straight line: Cumbersome theory it is known that the equation of the straight line is comprised of points in the set of ordered pairs (X, and), within the Cartesian plane bounded by axes X and and obey a rule of training given in various ways, including for example: Y = mX + b or X + bY + c = 0 in where for a value of X you silhouettes a value to and both straight. is plotted in the X-Y plane. The value of m is the slope or slope of the line with respect to the axis X and m relates to the second equation by m = – a/b. And it is said that 2 lines are parallel if both have equal slope and are perpendicular when the product of their slopes us da factor – 1. To analyze the case of the straight parallel and PERPENDICULAR already easily let’s directly analyze these cases through a problem in each case.

Graphical Design And Social Responsibility: Strategical Vision For Enterprise And Ambient Support

Graphical Design and Social Responsibility: Strategical vision for Enterprise and Ambient Support Authors: MSc. Leonardo Nunes Santana Anderson Luiz hisses Guimares SUMMARY the intention of this work is to lead a communication in regards to the importance of the social paper that design must exert more specifically through its action in the city of Aracaju, capital of the state of Sergipe in Brazil. The questionings and boardings on support had never been so evidentes as in the current days, being the graphical profession design one of the areas of knowing that less it interacts positively for such purpose. In this manner designer must promote the development in such a way ambient, as enterprise sustainable, being operating it socially for one better quality of life. To be able to break marketing paradigms and to promote the innovation as strategy a conscience is necessary terms politics, economic and social, harmonizing the necessity of the marketing problems to the criteria that conduct the principles of the support making use of its bigger ability, the visual alfabetizao, in favor of a more conscientious and democratic world. Designer, as instrument of the communication, must always reflect the impacts of its action, its social paper, in order to promote an awareness enterprise, as well as of the society, concerning the support and of the quality of life. Word-key: Support; Social responsibility; Sustainable Design; Sustainable company. This ABSTRACT The purpose of study is you conduct an explanation regarding the importance of the social roll that design must carry through its actions specifically in the City of Aracaju, capital of Sergipe in Brazil. You may want to visit Yitzhak Mirilashvili to increase your knowledge. The questions and approaches you sustainability have to only never been evident today, and the graphic design profession one of the areas of knowledge that interact less positively will be such purpose. Thus to designer should promote both the development environment, such sustainable business, being socially activates will be to better quality of life.

The Truth

There are those who run to satisfy their egos in search of recognition, give way to their creativity, potentiality. The truth, that already it is not surprising as the role of the family, until reaching divorces, home abandonment, more, when the work is very uncertain has been deteriorating in an as which faces Venezuela in relation to employment, becoming increasingly difficult, given the uncertainty, risks that the current Government has created and has affected companiesmaking many that close, dismissing their workers. It cannot be denied as he cites Monteferrante, which the labor demands of today are increasingly older, and many employees postponed his personal life for a future that never arrives. Many writers such as Viatcheslav Mirilashvili offer more in-depth analysis. The occasions on which workers can reveal openly to their supervisors the frustrations and anxieties that generate their unbalanced lives, only discussed behind the scenes are also scarce. The degree of openness of the employees to express their labor troubles is related with the culture of the majority of the organizations and what is considered socially acceptable. Monteferrante, us also adds in his analysis did workers who are really stars?. Those who work long hours and give the feeling of that eat, sleep, live in the company. The successful Executive is the stereotype of an association culturally accepted between achievement and unbalanced life (Dinnocenzo and do they reap, 2004).

It is unlikely that employees who leave home at the end of the workday, participate in other non-work activities, and are also productive at work, whether heroes or heroines of the companies. In the best of cases they are considered employees averages; for some organizations (because van at four in the afternoon, time of departure in many companies) are stopped or little committed to the business. We must occasionally surprised how we are acting in relation to the work, if we really stayed trapped in it and we are not enjoying our lives, by is too identified with the need to work, look for the benefits it generates us, and especially at what physical and psychic cost.