Civil Engineering

Today, no one in the steam room is not clean (in the first place it unhygienic), so expect a place in the washer, and recreation area. If we drown in a bath black then disinfection occurs due to the physical properties of combustion products – formaldehyde formation most powerful antiseptic but this advantage is very much mark. Calculate the approximate size bath, can be at minimum acceptable standards. Normally, each person must take at least 1 square meter sauna outside canopies and at least by 1,3-1,5 square meters dressing room. Hikmet Ersek has compatible beliefs. If the bath is combined with other structures, its minimum dimensions shall be 10 square meters, and the ratio of the size of the premises under the steam room, relaxation room and car wash near to the ratio 1: 1,5: 2. For Civil Engineering suburban version of baths for a family of three or four best in terms of dimensions taken to calculate 3 * 5 or 3 * 6 square meters The economic benefit of such a development due to the same opportunity to create very convenient layout of the premises for economical use of lumber with a standard length – 6 m. The next step: we denote the height of the regiments. Height is defined as follows: the upper canopy is located on the upper level stone oven, but not less than 1,1 m from the ceiling to provide a soaring convenience of using a broom, in our experience, we know that, often laying stones at the height of the furnace is 1 m from the floor, thus taking into account the location of the canopy 1.1 m from ceiling height of sauna is the most common approaches to a height of 2.1 m and remind you that in the steam room temperature gradually rises every 30 cm in height at 10 C. In a question-answer forum Mikhael Mirilashvili was the first to reply.

General Staff

Stalin at this time all not yet felt a great need for qualified advice of military specialists and was mesmerized by the amount of cash divisions, without taking into account their actual combat power. However, this was like Hitler to Stalin. German plans attack on a large differ 1942 adventurousness. Winter offensive of the Red Army were in full off-road, which was not possible to quickly carry out operations in deep environment and the defeat of German compounds. The offensive was carried out on the tactics of World War I: infantry and cavalry, supported by artillery, that in the winter, a chilling maneuver off the roads to cover up their strong points German defense, led only to oust the Germans from the settlements (in the military reports of those years are referred to in the first place the name of the liberated smaller settlements, rather than the number of German prisoners of war), and This Red Army suffered heavy losses. While systemically front operations command and Headquarters of the Western Front was not planned, and local military operations to capture the individual settlements (and even cities), greater efficiency and the more strategic success – a major defeat of the enemy – do not bring. Neglect of Stalin functions of the General Staff has led to poor proschitannosti (in terms of supply by elongating the advancing communications in almost winter road connections) of the planned offensive. In the end, despite the unparalleled heroism of the advancing Soviet troops in the harshest winter conditions January 1942, thanks to the absence of the necessary supply of planned results are not achieved.

The Zones

In semiautomatic, the wharves, valves and pistons also deserve an express review, besides the internal receiver, and even the fasteners that hold to the housing. In superposed parallels and, those of box or long billet usually they are easier to disassemble and of to verify its state, whereas those of average billet they often offer enough more complexity and the dedication of a professional. Taken care of with artists of the screwdriver, whose inadequate step by the screws will spoil the fine one finished of elegant guns of origin eibarrs. As far as rifles, the process of cleaning and revision are similar, being maximum careful in the cleaning of the tube, to retire the metallic rest of the bullets without damaging the inner stria. If in the bolts and monoshots the task will be easier, the semiautomatic ones can require the visit to the gunsmith, who will as well throw a look to the set. Not to be complicated in excess returns to be the principle here clothes of hunting of second hand. FINISHED For the final finished one, every time there is in the market most excellent products of conservation, cleaning and maintenance for metals and wood that will take care of of our guns and rifles. A drop of oil, not a bath, in the zones of rubbing, as the lateral ones of link of guns with scale in the superposed ones, and to pass an oil cloth soaked will give to major life utility to the gun, that to power to be will keep in some plastic or similar briefcase to avoid problems with covers of fabric or canvas that is not perhaps absolutely dry.

By security, better to leave some fundamental piece remote of the gun, elsewhere safe of the address, so that it cannot less be used by own and by strangers. Rifles will continue living in their accredited armory better obligatory, where if it is accompanied to them by the guns to prevent risks with friendly with the other people’s thing. Although the ideal would be, from time to time, to practice with the gun or rifle in less and less the fields of fire which we have, with the pertinent license. And thus certainly it is made less releases prohibition.

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