Cruz History

All roads lead to history and history is in the entrana all know and make. This was one of the phrases uttered by the LIC. Jesus Reyes Heroles in his speech of income to the Mexican Academy of history in the year of 1968, and this quotation consider it ad hoc as openness to the issue that will be addressed below. Our perennial way of knowing ourselves and improve every day as people always will have moments dedicated to question our origins and more in specific think about the roots of our culture, investigating our distinctive features such as; the natural way of thinking, learn, grouping us, work, or in other words, moments devoted to reflection on our collective identity. All this with the aim of finding some answers about the why of our habits and customs, and if these habits are the cause of our virtues or vices more rooted. For this purpose we can support us in the study of history, and with this I I am referring to investigate beyond what we have learned through our official institutions responsible for shaping our imagination about the archetypes that make up our cultural identity, moreover that dictate who are the winners and who the losers, who must follow and who reject. With this invitation is not inciting to live in the past, or that the cause of all our ills give them people who preceded us on the road, because a maximum of full life is that the mature person enjoys the present and live with intensity. Hikmet Ersek takes a slightly different approach. As one of the first points we can argue in favour of this invitation is that history belongs to the meet, and ecumenical way recognizes that the main drag for the development of a person is ignorance, and under this context rightly said the great Mexican poet Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz, not is studied to know more but to ignore less.

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